3D PAPER DENIM - How to draw your perfect denim on paper!

Everything was spontaneous, i never had an intention to really sit down on the chair and plan out a denim drawing session at the end of my day in the studio :-D

wELL but i was killing time for a change right, So i just drew some denim styles on a clean sheet of paper which i just grabbed out of the dead lying printer. and Of course i drew it pretty fast and 'there i was with three "not so cool" styles, thought i would just add some color on it - REST was HISTORY frens  !

After applying blue INDIGO all over , am smudging so the color is absorbed through the paper to give more depth.
rub more, and yeah, just highlight wherever you want the FADED GLORY ha ha ...
both ready, Grab the SCISSORS and get your denims out.
left one is more of a neutral STONE WASH faded style, whereas the right one is given a more used and BRUIsed , Stained look.
Alright , NOw to give the real denim feel, hold both the styles and crush to PERFECTION!
Does'nt it looks like two real denims folded together ( depends ;-)  )
 well there are two freshly washed and treated DENIMS.



Just browsed across this cool 'RECYCLED DENIM' shoe.
Some thought for Denim Lovers.

W.A.S.H Experimente'

Visited a denim laundry on the outskirts last week, it was quite far from in a village like place, and they had no idea about denim washes.


Facilities inside.

All they knew was how to bleach and enzyme washes. Did a small workshop with these people and guided them to do few of the simpler washes and few tricks "vintage" "broken" "torn" "whiskers" , result wasn't bad though.

Me showing some handwork skill , DENIM

Pretty impressive for first timers - - - - -

Sample shots of the washes developed --
    vintage "bruised look" little damage and light sand blast.

Light enzyme + pumice stone was "slight wrinkle"

Tinting "grey" + permanent crease, spot sand blast

Vintage "old skool" wash ( wrinkle + stone wash)

Premium "aged vintage" ( laser whiskers + sand blast effect)


2010-11 Key Denim Trends.

Cheat Sheet
stretch denim

    Pure cotton
    Stretch strength and comfort
    Slowdown in organic and recycled fibers
    Discreet polyester appearances
    High-end Tencel blends
    Softness is mainstream
  2. KEY COLORS Darker indigo
    Black denim
    Grey washed denim
    Bleached denim colors
    Color contrast laser effectsdenim distressed
  3. SURFACE INTEREST Vintage appeal
    Workwear influences
    Discreet distress
    Splashing and dirt persist
    Twill weaves

Novelites In Fibres

  • Cotton (Pima, conventional, recycled, organic) remains the cornerstone for denim fiber choice.
  • Polyester gives extra shine and better price points, while bi-stretch cotton/elastane blends strengthen due to jeggings! popularity. 96% cotton, 4% XLA elastane (YuanJi at Dow XLA) / 75% cotton, 24% polyester, 1% elastane twill.
  • All cotton ring denim (Golden Win) / 76% Supima cotton, 24% Lycra T400 elastane (Central Fabrics) / Tencel high-end designer denim / Easy-care cotton remains soft after washing (Kantanmen by Kurabo)

Diversifyting Weights

The new key issue is about diversifying,” explained Michael Morrell of New York!s Olah Inc. Proven by Kurabo!s collection, lightweight is now mainstream; however, some brands and retailers are thinking out of the box,sourcing exclusively heavyweights. “Contrasting trend directions” becomes an important fashion industry concept.Bestseller: Golden Win!s men!s 12 oz, women!s 7-8 oz (jeggings) and 9 oz (regular denim) / 7-12 oz range (H&W Textiles) / Japanese market, 9-11 oz or less (Seaphone Textile) / 6-8 oz jeggings (Cone Burlington) / Heavyweights up to 13-14 oz (Absolute Denim) / Light to heavyweights, 7-10 oz for summer (Kurabo).

Dark Vs Light Colors

dark denim light
Colored denim was not a focus at Kingpins. Blues from acid washes worked well with darker novelty tones. Grey was the main alternative tone for both men and women, yet remained less popular than darks. Saturated darks for winter, violet blues for summer (Kurabo) / Greenish and bluish tints to darks (Absolute Denim) / Washed and faded black and clear grey coatings (Cone Burlington) / Grey coated and washed denim / Less grin-through effects.

Acid Vs Regular Washes

acid washed denim Washes move in divergent directions from bleaching, acid and worn surfaces and move into regular and polished enzyme washes. Regular washes (Absolute Denim) / Landscape dyes and finishes on washed-down jeans and khakis complement stonewashing and dry processing (Cone Burlington) / Acid washes and tie-dye effects for summer (Prosperity) /Mainstream acid washing (Seaphone Textile) / Enzyme and darker washes (Golden Win)..

Destroyed Vs. Coated Finishes

Vintage denim trends remain strong with most finishing technology goingdistressed denim toward aged and workwear effects.Brushing and sanding remain key for soft hands.Laser techniques for images, abrasion, whiskers, color shading and destroyed effects (Jeanologia) / Less destroyed looks: small shredded straps with linings, colored yarn shreds and frays, sequined patches (Golden Win) / Discreet dirty splashes to brush coatings (Seaphone and Prosperity).

Fiber Update

stretch xla denim Common cotton-elastane cannot not withstand harsh acid washes, but Cotton/DOW XLA stretch denim is able to hold up to chemical treatments. Moreover, it is proofed to resist the next generation of garment dye techniques (experimentation in collaboration with Jeanologia laser technologies). Dow XLA stretch fibers have superior high heat resistance / Fiber versatility takes very bright colors / Exceptional comfort and fit / Performance through dry and wet processing.

Laser Magic

Savvy manufacturers and designers are creating “authentic” denim with laser technologies. Jeanologia, the leading laser finishing specialist, featured its Truth & Light performance collection. Denim experts were invited to identify which examples were naturally aged (Truth) and which used new laser treatments (Light). Laser finishes for multiple surface and color effects / Authentic wear patterns / Dry processing effects / Chemicalfree whisker, destroyed and fraying techniques can cut time and costs from production processes.

Thread Fantasy

New at Kingpins, Hong Kong!s A&E (American & Efird) introduceddenim stitching thread stitching suggestions for high fashion collections along with its embroidery and sewing threads lines. Cotton wrapped polyester yarns in two tones / Indigo polyester core threads wash down for denim look /Compact serging of soft seam threads creates flat surfaces ideal for selvedge and rolled cuffs / Resilient metallic embroidery and sewing yarns.

Trims and Embelishments

denim labels trims Labels and hangtags set products apart. New exhibitor Nexgen Packaging was of particular interest.European graphic styles / Worn-in, wrinkled and vintage print effects / Demand for green packaging and materials, recycled paper and water-based instead of solvent inks / Heat transfer labels abate with material labels gaining strength.

Kingpins’  TripitchRecovery

food and fun
With its old Hong Kong warehouse ambiance, Osage Gallery at the Kian Dai Industrial Building, has served as an excellent platform for Kingpins! exhibitors. October!s promising edition will move one flight up to a larger, more open space. Kingpins founder, Andrew Olah said, “In October our show will be a three-prong convergence of amazing fashion and product, amazing food (we are going to really work on this and have just incredible food) and amazing art.”

Bread & Butter 7th-9th July, Berlin

DENIM BASE is the core of BREAD & BUTTER.

All the relevant major brands in the denim industry gather together under one roof to present their looks, not unlike a department store.

Keeping in line with the contemporary image of the industry, its key players from the fashion, street and sportswear segments will be exhibiting in this area.

Some of the main market players will be presenting a new dimension of their brands in the terminals, with the presentation destinations in the open airfield.


B & B 2010 July edition is not to be missed and
applauded by both exhibitors and attending buyers. Avoiding trade show
formalities that are sometimes overly “poetic”, this invitation-only trade
event links cutting-edge denim material producers with the best global
jeans brands.
Exhibitors: 22 exhibitors (up five from last Hong Kong edition) from
Asia, EU and USA
Attendees: 185 companies attended the two-day event with six
repeat buyers (firms that come on both days buying for different
divisions). Dept Denim Department  |  Desigual  |  Devergo  |  DIESEL  |  do you read me?!  |  Energie  |  Firetrap  |  Fornarina  |  Freesoul  |  Fuga  |  G-Star RAW  |  G-Star RAW Footwear  |  GAS  |  Gipsy  |  GROBER UNFUG  |  GUESS  |  Herrlicher  |  Heyu  |  Hilfiger Denim  |  JC Rags  |  Killah  |  Kocca  |  Kuyichi  |  Lee Cooper  |  LEVI'S®  |  LEVI'S® Accessories  |  Lotus Jeans  |  LTB  |  M.O.D. Miracle of Denim  |  Maison Scotch  |  Mauritius  |  Mavi Jeans  |  Meltin' Pot  |  Met  |  Milk & Roses  |  Miss Sixty  |  Monkee Genes  |  Mustang  |  Nixon  |  Nolita  |  One Green Elephant  |  Pepe Jeans London  |  Pepe Jeans London Footwear  |  Polo Jeans Co. ART STARS  |  Psycho Cowboy  |  Ra-Re  |  Redskins Territory  |  Replay  |  Salsa  |  Scotch & Soda  |  Sportswear International  |  STAFF Jeans & Co.  |  Strellson Sportswear  |  Superdry  |  Super Five  |  Sweet Years are all in attendance.
Venue: Tempelhof, Berlin
July 7-9, 2010