KOSLAK X DENIMOHOLIC - 6 Month Buried Denim Project in the Himalayas

Date:  26th Sep 2017

A collaborative project between KOSLAK- The Himalyan Project  & DENIMOHOLIC- The Demi Artisan in which i am documenting the Burial process of 5 Raw Denim pieces to achieve a natural ageing process, Im burying these pieces on Sep 26th 2017. These will be buried here for period of 6 months , all through Fall season, Winter. Interesting thing would be to understand and dig out pieces gone through, snow, wind, dust & stone grinding all through this 6 months. The pieces would be dug out next Summer around May 4-5 . Post that the real project will begin when we start a capsule collection based on these Aged pieces dug out.

 I am keeping the pieces half exposed so to understand the textured, color difference of the indigo which would go through natural wear & tear process of wind, dust ,stone and snow through winter.

Stay tuned and follow me on this project Next Summer. Cheers!

M.A.K.E.J .E.A.N.S.N.O.T.W.A.R