VINTAGE JEANS/ A timeless trend

Hi Guys i'm highlighting a selection of inspirational pieces from the my pinterest board, vintage clothing and workwear archive. Pieces have been chosen for their inspirational detailing, material composition or unusual look, and are all relevant to denim and its related industries.


  • Main themes for die-hard vintage fans include retro-kitsch looks that replicate the fashions seen in 1940s-50s North America, with varsity, rockabilly and Western styling
  • Southwestern garments re-emerge as a detail and pattern trend. When teamed with a mix of influences, including vintage varsity, workwear and military garments, they sit in line with new look, updating retro denim styling
  • Original workwear remains a staple trend with vintage enthusiasts and purple indigo denim shades provide a colour update, seen in unisex work garments in faded twill and herringbone fabrics


It’s arriving winter  again! A style lover’s favorite season. Soon we can stop dreaming about layering your coolest sweat shirts, jackets, woolens and flannels. 
Well dont get into the heavy stuff right away , with heavy jackets and sweaters. Start the season with some cool light outerwear and then start getting on with your favourite layers. Denim trucker jackets are the coolest thing right now..... so start your season with these coolest trucker types....
Key clothing for this winter : the denim jacket.
Some of my favourite picks.....