How to make the perfect vintage jeans

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Life of MIZU   continues........

Got some new edited pics of the MIZU - A journey. Well day 1 was already gone in history, amazing experience,cool visuals  ;-) So this is how it looked on its first day people....

.. faces the forces of nature and humans for a week ( 7 total freaking days) . ;-D

Freshly worn  ( wore it rigorously for 7 days stretch  ;-D ) This is how we do it here, denim is to be felt, grow with and experience with .... NOW HERE YOU CAN CLEARLY COMPARE THE FRESH DENIM AND , AFTER 7 DAYS....This is how a denim takes an "ORIGINAL Vintage" look and get customized to your life.  Cheers !

hey some cool shots of the denim, enjoy ....   .....

                   I HAD A DENIM CANVAS, AND THIS IS MY ARTWORK  ;-D    .. .. .. . . 

Well TIME for some shower, washing the denim for the first time is really important. 
  1. .Do not use  detergent or solvent. Get hold of a fresh bucket of water and dip it in, let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Rinse it thoroughly in the water, this would take out your shrinkage from the fabric, so it does not shrink later.
  3. While doing this you might rub the front and back pocket part of the denim with a laundry brush mildly,so the faded part becomes merged and natural.
  4. OK now wash off any indigo by dipping it again in the water and hang dry in natural sunlight. DO NOT WRING IT ! Just take it out and hang dry, let it fall naturally.

The washed look
so fresh and blue, Japan calling ;-)

REAL BAD, look at all those faded lines and bruises.Hallelujah , it stood to the expectations. I had the exact same picture in mind .  YOU LIKE IT ?

The first fade,the first hole is always good. Hey i forgot to tell you guys, there are few more technical tricks to achieve that real authentic million$$ VINTAGE LOOK.  After you wear the denim for like say 12-14 days, just notice the places where its faded and check for tears or holes if any, if you get one you get lucky! well use a sandpaper and rub a little more on those parts to make it more aged and used. Sandpaper would be perfect because it just takes of the outer indigo away and uniformly damages the fabric.

'Making of a classic jeans".... WHICH CANNOT BE REPRODUCED nor recreated by whatsoever means, that is why a pair of denim is so special and emotional for me.

A denim can almost mesmerise you and takes your one and only SOUL in itself and surprises you . ....
Final step is more advanced and technical, now the denim has to go through a wash called "RIVER WASH" which is a process in which the denim is washed with fresh water along with plain pumice stone. You keep the denim in the machine unless it takes the look of a distress and highly used denim. After this process and other finishing steps, THIS IS HOW IT WOULD LOOK....your authentic VINTAGE DENIM worth $$$.....your original, which can never be reproduced ...

Hope you people like DENIM and the post         ;-)   

Long live denim  CHEERS!

Life of MIZU : a journey

Freshly baked 'MIZU' day one . The feel and look of a freshly stitched jeans is heavenly (it is for me , as i almost give my whole day to denim ) as a proessional. well a lot of you who really feel for denim would agree without a thought ;-). well anyway so humble journey starts for this newly born baby, i named it MIZU which means 'water' in japanese. I have always been a big fan of Japanese denim, and yes this was my chance of paying them a tribute and developing something on that par. This special 'baby' would only be treated with natural wear nad tear and plain water during its journey and wash processes, hence the name.

Day two, finishing the denim neatly, after bar tacking and all other trim details, its ready to face the world, the ruthless world where it has a lot to got through, so much that he hardly have ever thought of ;-D As for starter i tell'ya its all your cold wash in the plain water drum where it starts its journey into the world.. .. . . .. faces the forces of nature and humans for a week ( 7 total freaking days) . ;-D

Freshly dried ( washed and rinsed in plain water )

Well every jeans has its day!

The day came when it was to be put against test of time, the legendary jeans journey, from its fresh/raw state to the bruised and worked up victorious look.

The first day look

so fresh and blue, Japan calling ;-)

First day in the sun was pretty good. all went well, it was looking fabulous, no less then a sparkling AUDI on debut ;-). well for me that's a joy to watch. Its like my baby, and when i saw the baby standing on its feet, i almost cried inside ( emotion towards denim ).

aha baby seems to have been REAL BAD, look at all those faded lines and bruises.Hallelujah , it stood to the expectations. I had the exact same picture in mind of how it would look after a week's test ( have been wearing everyday,everywhere for the last 7 days ).

The first fade,the first hole is always special ;-D

The first hole, the sign of 'Making of a classic jeans".... WHICH CANNOT BE REPRODUCED nor recreated by whatsoever means, that why a pair of denim is so special and emotional ............... ...... . .

the first signs of bruises and wearing, its ultimate satisfaction and emotional to a denim coming out of its raw state and moulding on to your body and life with so much of deep details and attachment .. .. . ..

I would stop here , and let you guys enjoy the feel and emotion. Just love the process till here, and its not yet over. The journey is long and it has to go through a lot more adventures until it moulds into a beautiful,artistic piece of denim. come back and read more in my next post how a denim can almost mesmerise you and takes your one and only SOUL in itself and surprises you . .... to be continued

Alexander wang - Fall 2011

Well i have one thing in common with the Chinese-American fashion designer that he was born in 1984 the same year i was born.[1] At age 18, he moved to New York to attend the prestigious, Parsons The New School for Design to study fashion design. After dropping out in his sophomore year, he launched his first women’s ready-to-wear collection in 2007.

I was browsing through his latest Fall 2011 collection - Its very faint but good to see few denim pieces in his latest bunch, very simplistic, retro light bleach washed overcoat kinda jacket and a cool relaxed and cropped BF jeans look with a very interesting detail at the knee which gives the WANG touch to it !

In par with their menswear range the denims for women remains almost same, seems thet avoided LYCRA to keep the very denim feel their jeans. Very slim, long leg looks with their trademark bluish-dont mend washes styled with heavy cardigans and toned leather jackets for that busy -chic dowtown LA look.

EDUN - FALL 2011

 Sharon Wauchob took over the design helm of Ali Hewson's Edun collection, AND KEPT TO THE TRADITION OF eco-friendly, easy-to-wear look especially for the mens.


The pieces had a hand-finished quality. So denim shirts were stained with inky dye, while large-gauge sweaters were hand-knit and cabled only in parts. Her silhouettes are neither loose nor especially tight ,but a slight low crotch styles...and the line remains very DENIM CENTRIC.

DSQUARED2 Fall 2011 - Milan runway

Kurt cobain re-lived for a moment as  "Come As You Are" the historical track- opened the latest Dsquared² show FALL 2011 by Dean and Dan Caten for their new collection. The result was so predictable by the Catens' own standards that they always had been producing, none the less, their denims are SUPER AWESOMMMMMMMEE'' and the collection slightly disappointingly followed down  by their typical models in their wide-brimmed Borsalinos, prim spectacles, and clerical black and white looked like Southern Gothic preachers— All wells that goes well, can't say amazing denim collection, but they never fail to deliver class JEANS.

summarise the Caten's collection-  mean monochrome tailoring; skinny denims; judicious use of black leather detailing; hints of luxury in fur trims; and crystal-beaded waistcoats. It may just be enough to seduce you bad !  Bow to them from DENIMOHOLIC.

Pepe Jeans Spring 2011 Campaign | Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena again re appears as the ultimate element for Pepe Jeans’ in their SS 2011 campaign shoot.The Spanish top model Jon stars alongside Anne Vyalitsyna in the label’s latest adventure.The new collection is a mix of smoldering sexiness with a playful attitude, the new couple sizzles and keeps up to the Pepe Jeans’ signature mood.

Just hit the store as soon as its out..........  ;-)  I will check it out for sure !

Look of the week - Vintage punch !

Vintage look is back this season, skinny look is taken aback with old hippy-style, loose careless washed denim and oh -so unique pinstriped denim. THUMBS UP !!      (photos courtesy streetpeeper.)

MIZU - The "30 Day' Super aged Denim !

Vintage is knockin bad this year, aged/used look is BANG this year, more and more people are indulged and more involved with their Jeans, they are interacting and understanding their needs in a pair of Jeans !

FALL 2011 collection at c.83 studio.

MIZU we are calling this range!
'Mizu' means water in Japanese, special jeans with intelligence and power. No chemicals are involved, no human labor involved in creating this masterpiece. You are the craftsmen and you are the artsist.

Mizu limited edition range for Fall 2011 is a special environmental friendly range from c83  which just uses normal water for its wash and laundry job.

We all want to own that perfect pair of denim, the kind of wash you want, something more personal and customized .A good pair of denim is one with which you are attached freakin' fashionably and emotionally, denim is almost your outer skin. Well but this is impossible without knowing some properties of real indigo, how it behaves and gets affected with wear and usage. 
We need to interact with the denim and get closer to know it little more. Some of them will be out for pre- fall 2011 and some will still be hot(limited edition). A a few absolutely new results will shatter your glamorous world as very soon you will see the 'Denim' responding to you in an amazingly playful way.

30 day Test - Story

I'm sure the result will just give you the complete satisfaction of owning a denim. A denim which tells your story in these 30 days,that moment you fell from the bicycle ;-) , the Saturday you spent painting whole evening, the day you cleaned the whole house in nothing but the denim.