MY Beautiful Weekend : Me & my Meltinpot

    " Lets get 'Beautiful "  

    The 'CALIXTA' long sleeve denim shirt by Meltinpot  is one of the best to pick up for the season.

    Weather is getting awesome and its time to wear your favorite denim shirt and start the weekend   
     feeling cool, comfortable and beautiful.

    A  light wash gives it a nice vintage look and i love pairing it up with favorite tank tops for a
    easy,   breezy   weekend mood.

    "This is how i wear it"                                

Model:  Nirajana Adhya, Artist, Thinker &  Designer.

DENHAM'S : Fjord Parka


So all ready for a nice and chilly winter,  spend the winter in style. Check out DENHAM'S new Parka  -

Characterized by the use of vintage research and an original blend of contemporary refinement, the outerwear category has been a special focus for Denham’s winter collection since the brand was established. The world of outerwear has been both broadened and deepened. And a renewed commitment to robust insulated utility concepts has led to the launch of completely new designs like the flagship Fjord Parka

RE ' PLAY - Neymar Junior for Replay

Replay changes the rules of denim by stretching the limits of the manufacturing process, then brings the concept to the fore by launching the Replay Hyperflex collection, an innovative product where the stretch denim experience attains smart new heights.

The main features of Replay Hyperflex are 100% elasticity, incredible shaping performance and superior comfort. This means that Replay Hyperflex offers complete ease of motion, great shape retention - no sagging or deforming even after considerable wear, plus a luxurious feel.

As for the fabric per se, Lycra comprises the corespun, Poly defines the middle, while the external layer of cotton is what gives the jeans an authentic denim look. The two top fibers protecting the Lycra ensure that the stretch factor is compromised by neither industrial nor domestic washes. 

Fits for women go from a super skinny five-pockets with snug push-up bottom, to a skinny jean with distinctive biker-inspired detailing, all the way to the very latest in a straight leg style. Guys, rather, can choose between a skinny low waist five-pocket jean and a slimfit regular waist style with softly tapered leg.
The jeans come in three different washes: a very dark tone with rich sheen, a medium tone with pale yellow dirty tinge, and a light tone with quiet brilliance. In December Replay will also introduce a first colour capsule - black and light & dark grey, to be followed in February 2015 by one featuring a fab selection of bright upbeat hues: azure, lime green, coral red and white for her and red, hunter green, turquoise and white for him.

Replay Hyperflex will hit the market in October 2014. In addition to selling retail at stand-alone Replay stores, corners and in-store shops worldwide, the jeans will be available on the wholesale circuit and on the online shop 

The in-store launch will benefit from an ad campaign involving experts from the worlds of soccer, dance, fashion and gymnastics, all of whom take part in special tests to see how far they can stretch the limits of the Hyperflex collection. In particular, as supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio dons the scientist’s smock to examine how the collection holds up when subjected to extreme dance steps, contortion moves and amazing soccer tricks, FC Barcelona stars Neymar Jr., Gerard Piqué, Luis Suarez, Andrés Iniesta and Ivan Rakitić work wonders with the ball while sporting the new Replay Hyperflex jeans.

Check out the fresh collection @  


COMBATANT GENTLEMEN established in 2012 :  It comes across a new cool clothing Label focusing on Menswear Essentials and i have been lucky enough to receive a pair of cool Selvage  Jeans to be Reviewed and  shot. I was very excited to receive the parcel and see the product, i was impressed by the packaging as well. Very neat and premium feel. As for the Denim it was classic, a good pair of genuine raw selvage Jeans you can own and add to your wardrobe.

Well this is the first Part 1 of this Story  :

"So my good friend Roger Prince ' comes from Canada and disappears with these cool pair of jeans". 

I totally loved the selvage detail, which of course gives a more original and a genuine product appeal to it.
The Branding at the back was impressive, generally a Loud Branding or a big leather patch ( studs) are a big no-no for me. The branding is very cool, minimal and simple to carry.
Yes so my friend Roger took it as a second skin, he was just so comfortable in it the minute he wore these, and it fitted him just the way he wants his denims to be. So off he starts his daily work chores in his new pair of Jeans.


Roger Prince is back in Canada, so we decided to document this pair of Jeans exactly 4 month later to see how much worn out it gets and read its story. 

So  keep a check here for the next part of this Story !


Visit COMBATGENTLEMEN and discover them, check out these cool pair of Jeans. 

Cool Urban Fits to Try this summer : Cool Fits for Summer SS15

Hi Guys,
Its been long i posted something fresh on my blog for all you denim lovers. Just collected few
cool fits. Few of the strongest trends in terms of new and urban-street fits. Check out the fits below
and definitely try something new and fresh this summer.



ROCK 'N ROLL Travel down the memory Lane of yesteryear's ROCK LEGENDS. I salute them and dig the music they created during all these years.

A great article by LEVI'S Jeans i'm sharing with all you denim lovers and Rock music fans. Fans of NIRVANA..............   Peace !
Nirvana's Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl at the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Thursday in New York. Leader Kurt Cobain committed suicide 20 years ago.The legendary grunge outfit Nirvana recently received its official induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame commemorating the 20th anniversary of the band’s iconic In Utero album. The band, in addition to producing universally lauded rock songs, was also known for making “angst” mainstream and defining an entire lifestyle of music—right down to the plaid and denim-addled wardrobe.
But Nirvana wasn’t the first rock act to don denim. Take a look at other royalties of rock who wore jeans while making music history.
Image: Andrea Sartori via Flickr
Sympathy for the…denim? The Rolling Stones are about as rock and roll as they come—and the legendary band opted for denim during many of their world-spanning tours. Yes, Mick Jagger performed countless jumps and slides in blue jeans of all sorts. And in 1990, The Rolling Stones gave denim jackets with their notorious logo on the back to Prague’s President Vaclav Havel before their historic concert in a newly post-Communist Czechoslovakia.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

Image: Carl Lender via Flickr
There likely isn’t a soul amongst us who doesn’t recall The Boss’ infamous and now legendary cover of his album Born in the USA, which featured the dual-pocketed backside of an iconic pair of blue jeans. (Yes, they were Levi’s® 501® jeans.) And who could forget that same music video, with The Boss on a Harley Davidson, clad in a Levi’s® denim jacket?  Now if that’s not rock, we just don’t know what is.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999, while the E Street band was inducted last week.

Image: Dalton Reed via Flickr
The band that literally launched a thousand bands in its image, The Strokes redefined denim-rock-cool when they came onto the scene in 2001, with their hit debut album Is This It. Often clad in equal parts denim, leather, plaid, and skinny tie, The Strokes set the style mold for scores of indie rock bands and Coachella crowds to come. In fact, there’s an entire blog saluting the band’s signature style—and a ratherin-depth post on their particular penchant for denim jackets.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if all goes well, in 2025.

Image via WikiMedia
The ‘Godfather of Soul’ was also an avid arbiter of all things denim—be it blazer, bellbottom, or vest. After six decades of musical superstardom, it’s easy to understand why James Brown loved the versatility of denim. And while he opted for more spacious clothing for his prolific live performances, he often donned denim for photos and album covers, like his killer denim-on-denim getup on the cover of In the Jungle Groove album.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Image: Jean-Luc Ourlin via Flickr
Before there was Call Me Maybe, there was Call Me by Blondie. The band Blondie made rock history for fusing genres of disco, new wave, punk, and pop—and for selling 40 million records worldwide. Front-woman and, later, solo artist Debbie Harry had a particular fondness for sporting denim, whether it was double denim, jean shorts, or denim jackets. For a deep dive into Debbie Harry’s love affair with denim, check out this terrific piece from DenimFuture, which showcases some of the pop star’s best denim looks.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

Image: Rosana Prada, via Flickr
One of rock’s most regal royal members, Sir Elton John has sold more than 300 million albums during his five-decade-long career. Yes, one of the world’s best-selling musicians of all time has a soft spot for denim. Case in point: “Blue jean baby” is the lyric opening to the “Tiny Dancer” ballad and you can find a pair of his infamous denim bellbottoms on display at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi.  We’re just hoping Elton John dons a seriously cool denim getup for his highly-anticipated performance at Bonnaroo this summer.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

Image via WikiMedia
While many might remember The Doors’ frontman Jim Morrison for his scandalous antics involving a lack of clothes, the provocative musician also had a fierce collection of fashionable denim duds, which he interspersed with his iconic leather pants. From denim shirts and skinny jeans to denim jackets and vests, Jim Morrison was one of the forebearers of classic rock star style. And in case you were wondering, Jim Morrison was eventually pardoned for his indecent exposure case, 40 years posthumously. The rock star showed up to the initial hearing in 1969 wearing a black denim jacket, emblazoned with the Doors logo on its back.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

Image via WikiMedia
Any list on iconic rock denim would be amiss without a nod to four of the most legendary denim-clad rock stars of all time. Yes, The Beatles just wouldn’t be the same without their denim-centric wardrobe; a symbol of both the free-spirited 1960s and one of the biggest moments in rock history. The fab four evolved from the sparkle suits usually reserved for slick Britpop super-groups, to sporting cool, faded denim jackets, jeans, and button-ups. A recent NPR story recalls a stateside visit from The Beatles, whereby the “Denim Council” was called upon to go meet the rock sensation at the airport with Beatles-decorated denim jackets.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

Image via WikiMedia
One of the biggest stateside punk acts of all time, The Ramones also happened to be some of the biggest denim-enthusiasts in rock. The nonstop tour-machines (they toured for 22 straight years, performing 2,263 concerts) paired a whole lot of ripped-up jeans with those legendary chain-adorned leather jackets. In fact, as The Guardian pointed out last year, punk bands like The Ramones and The Clash might have been the first musicians to make the skinny jean mainstream.
Officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.