Just Cavalli SS11 - Milan Fashion Week

Roberto Cavalli comes out with a pure exotic grunge denim look next summer, but for Just Cavalli, the designer looked to bleached denim for a casual affair. Not afraid to break a taboo or two, full on denim ensembles provided the season’s backbone ,heavily embellished like a heavenly rockstars, his as always flamboyant and bold signature style.

REPLAY JEANS -Isaac Weber & Micky Ayoub by Greg Harris for GQ Style Germany

Joined by Isaac Weber, Micky Ayoub reunites with Greg Harris for a night adventure in the latest issue from GQ Style Germany. Outfitted by Andrew Davis for a no-fuss outing, a wardrobe of Replay denim offers the perfect pieces to get their hands dirty.

Swedish Denim- H&M Fall winter 2010 Campaign

Jon Kortajarena is back to work for H&M starring in their new denim campaign. Clad in head to toe denim, Jon’s latest campaign for the Swedish retailer sees them tapping into a trend that cannot seem to get enough of the blue classic.

'HERITAGE DENIM " rUles the season

The word ‘Heritage denim’ has been in vogue for a couple of seasons now. The report from Denimnadjeans checks out different brands who are exploring their heritage pretty seriously and reproducing as their new lines.
Back in 2008 Trade shows like B&B and Premiere vision when customers were facing the credit crunch and were looking for more value and quality in jeans, brands began looking into their archives and going back to their workwear roots for inspiration. Cool vintage styling, tried and tested craftsmanship and authentic branding reemerged in the denim market. Today, labels like Levi!s and Lee delve into extensive archives, while others are being more loose and conceptual with simple takes on what!s traditional and authentic. 

Well the big boom is 'heritage denim' remains the key this season also........with most of the cool denim brands are looking back trying to give that vintage old-natural feel to the jeans keeping it real simple.

Brands that revived their recent collections-


Straight 201™ Workwear Jeans - Rigid Selvedge


A vintage fit that's resolutely straight from hip to hem, creating a looser-fitting leg. Its functional cinch back and shank suspender buttons recall its workwear roots. Sits at the waist. 100% Cotton. Country Of Origin: Imported.

Lee decided to explore its back catalog with the introduction of Lee, The Archives. Unique pieces like the mechanic!s “Union-All”, invented by H.D. Lee in 1913, and the Original Lee House Mark Jelt Denim Work Jacket from the 40s comprise this range. 
                                      Fall 10 Heritage collection

              The 'rider collection' and '50 mile race' limited edition.


Wrangler – Blue Bell

In 1904, after buying several sewing machines, CC Hudson founded thewrangler blue bell jeans Hudson Overall Company, which became a pioneer during the early years of workwear and later led to the Wrangler brand. In 1919, the name changed to Blue Bell Overall Company, after a railroad bell in the factory turned blue from indigo dust. In 1943, Hudson acquired the Casey Jones Work-Clothes Company and the rights to its barely used brand name, Wrangler. Over the years, Wrangler has revisited the “Blue Bell” name and logo for select lines. To celebrate the company!s history and archive, Wrangler launched a premium casualwear collection under the iconic name for Fall 09. The bell logo, branded buttons and classic details such as saw-tooth panels on shirts are key aspects of  this high-end capsule.

THE SS 10 BLUE BELL COLLECTION Brings back the heritage value for Wrangler !

Closed dates back to late seventies Italy, when it quickly captured the market with its now iconic pedal pusher jeans, which offered a significantly new idea at the time. Now a German-based jeanswear brand, the company
has celebrated its rich heritage in recent years, re-featuring the iconic details and branding of its original success story. Closed!s discreetly angled (at 33º) “X Pocket” and its woven label flies are uniquely recognizable. Proud of its heritage, Closed remains a family-oriented enterprise with strong core values.


Stronghold jeans, the first denim workwear from Los Angeles and once mainStronghold jeans competitors of Levi!s, were originally produced by Brownstein, Newmark and Louis in the early 1900s. In 2004, Von Dutch veteran Michael Cassell and former North Beach Leather director Michael Paradise resurrected the 1895 Stronghold Jean Company, bringing back authentic, handmade denim. “Our reproduction of this classic brand celebrates old world workmanship, selvedge fabrics and original details, achieving a timeless style, fit and finish.” Pieces come in authentic workwear fabrics like duck canvas and railroad stripes, and focus on 100% authentic details and constructions


Rising Sun & Co.“handcrafts indigo clothing that captures the optimistic spirit of America”. Founded by Lucky Brand owner and former designer Mike Hodis, the Pasadena-based denim brand is all about craftsmanship, the rebirth of workwear, period-correct jeans and time-proven techniques. Expert craftsmen create
selvedge organic and raw denim in-store on antique shuttle looms from the U.S.’s oldest denim mill, which is then sewn into garments on turn-of-the-century sewing machines.

With its high-quality, handcrafted reproduction jeans, Warehouse is a verywarehouse jeans japan popular niche denim brand in Japan that heralds the authenticity and heritage of vintage jeans cuts like Levis 501!s and Lee jeans from 1934. Having collaborated with J.Crew, the label is also well known for its work with vintage store Hellers Café. Their limited edition “Lot 484” jeans utilize Warehouse!s 14-ounce Memphis cotton selvedge denim that was woven and dyed in Japan. Details include rusted steel rivets and fly buttons. The Japanese are known for their dedication to perfecting denim, and Warehouse is at the top of its game.

EVISU - New look

Evisu relaunched their new collection, with a new younger, edgier and more trendy. Shifting from their traditional japanese denim manufacturer.

Become a "denimoholic" - CONTEST!

Submission open from 11 oct- 31 oct 2010.

We are looking for you. yes you're right "YOU" if you have the passion and the love for JEANS this is your kinda stuff. 
Denimoholic is my dearest (along with the rest of the business) and it’s horrible when there just isn’t enough hours in a day to contribute to the blog at the wanted pace. But have no fear, it’s just mid-autumn rush (I think). Nonetheless, this brings me back to something I candidly mentioned in the past, we would love to welcome more bloggers/writers whom love to write and wish to share cool findings, denim projects or lifestyle news with the world.
Please note that we are only looking for bloggers whose interest is to express themselves via the blog or perhaps even promote a project your working on. As long as it fits the bill, we’re listening. We are not in search for writers intending to capitilize on the blog posts. Money has a certain way of complicating things. Our plan is to share news and cool stuff from around the world .So if this sounds like something you would like to be part of, drop us a line. If you have been following the blog, you know that we’re about much more than just denim. Denim just happens to be close to our hearts.
So we’re looking forward to hear from you. Please send your articles,thoughts and queries at  denimoholic@gmail.com and tell us more about yourself. If you have been writing stuff already, do send it over. Denim is beautiful and we’re doing our best to describe this beauty via our blog. So be a part of the journey,send us your articles,concepts,projects anything u think we should know about. We will shortlist 15 people and notify them via mail.

we are waiting****


H4-67 - Summer of love

HA-67 is a contemporary line with a true vintage spirit. After much success in Europe and Japan, HA-67 is now opening its doors to the USA. Michael Mechaly, the former brand president for Sacred Blue and Coil denim, is the proud founder and designer of HA-67. His goal is to give HA-67 a unique concept, creativity and lifestyle. HA-67 was inspired by the infamous “Summer of Love” movement that took place in San Fransciso Haight Ashbury district in 1967. HA-67 is a unique mix of the old new fashion spirit. The details, colors, and washes will remind you of the spirit of the vintage period, while the fit keeps the fashion mood of today. Each style has it’s own personality and vibe.

 Well we wait and watch right ! So many new denim brands coming up, but its a fierce market out there to survive. I hope this one stays for long. Keep quality up - "good luck H4-67".


EASTON - Denim from Indonesia

New denim brands appear all the time, usually based in the US, sometimes Europe and occasionally Australia but it's not often that I receive a mail from a new company established in Asia. Easton is a new company proudly and ethically producing denim in Indonesia. They have three types of denim - selvedge, coated and dry which are offered in three styles for men (straight, slim and skinny) and one for women (skinny). The jeans can be purchased online from their own store and retail for 600,000 Indonesian rupiah, which although it sounds a lot is actually only $65.

Denim trend report pre' AW 2010-2011

What trends in women’s denim can be seen on streets in Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin and other cities around the world? Is Skinny jeans still going strong ? Is Boyfriend jeans witnessing  new variations and silhouettes ? What new looks can be seen in Jeggings ?

 Well for guys not much change seems in the silhouette except , this time on, natural indigo, dark look would be dominant.

  • Unwashed
  • Dark Rinse
  • Grunge slashed
  • 3D Whiskers

US and EUROPE Denim market facing job cuts

100 jobs cut at ITG Denim Plant in Greensboro , USA

International Textile Group Inc. has cut 100 jobs at its White Oak denim-manufacturing plant in Greensboro — about 25 percent of the work force.
It is the second time in five months that the company has eliminated jobs at the plant in an attempt to balance production capacity with demand for its denim from such customers as Levi’s. ITG cut 150 jobs in December as part of eliminating yarn production at the plant.
  • We have seen considerable negative news related to Denim plants originating in last one year specially from US and Europe -
M0unt Vermon Mills cuts 250 jobs at Trion Plant
UCO Denim Unit Shutting Down

Uffie - Ricky - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

Artistic Fabric Mills – An Innovative Denim from Pakistan

Artistic Fabric Mills – An Innovative Denim Company From Pakistan
September 2nd, 2010 by Sandeep Agarwal | Filed under Denim Mills.

image Pakistan had always had a strong textile industry due to historical reasons and an abundance of cotton fibre grown in the country . However, the denim component has been developing the fastest in the last decade – with Pakistan touching almost 350 million mtrs of denim fabric production p.a. There are many players in the denim industry of Pakistan , but some of them like Artistic Fabric Mills/ Artistic Garment Industries stand out due to their innovative approach . We thought it might be a good idea to speak to the owners of the group - Mr. Javed Ahmed and Mr. Iqbal Ahmed- to know more about their companies and about Pakistan Denim Industry in general.
Tell us briefly about the history of the company.

Artistic has been a pioneer in the textile industry of Pakistan. It all started in 1949 with an enterprising man and his dream to own mills one day.

In the last 60 years, with this vision the company expanded from a small retail shop to establishing many garment factories. The Artistic group has come a long way since its initiation. The 1990’s saw the first venture into the denim field. Vertical growth took new meaning and denim-weaving plants were set up. Artistic Fabric Mills (AFM) and Artistic Garment Industries (AGI) have recently expanded to become a fully vertical set up and are together one of the leading manufacturers of high fashion denim fabrics and garments in the region, offering high end customers innovative products, premium quality and efficient service.

Presently, we have doubled our Fabric capacity with the help of our new Denim Mill -AFM 2, which has a 36 Rope Indigo Dyeing Technology. We will be looking to produce 40 million meters of Premium Denim Fabric annually in addition to 12 million Garments from our garment set-up, which includes an in-house State-of-The-Art laundry.
Why did Artistic Garments choose denim as an area of growth ?

I guess you could say Denim is in our blood !

There are actually several factors that influenced us. For example raw materials; Pakistan is the fourth largest cotton producer in the world with an annual production of 14 million bales. This makes Textiles one of the most important industries in the country. We could have chosen other segments within this industry such as twills, home textiles etc. but we have always been very passionate about Denim. It is a fascinating product- always changing and evolving yet staying true to its core.

Every season we see something new and innovative in this field and that really excites us. The glamour associated with denim is quite attractive as well. You constantly see it featured in movies, endorsed by celebrities, on the runway and now it’s making its way into Couture. Also, the various denim tradeshows provide an opportunity to network with denim lovers from around the world, teaching you a lot about the industry and its infinite possibilities.

How do you think Artistic Fabric Mills is different from other denim mills in Pakistan?

Firstly, we are one of the oldest Denim mills in the country. However, the oldest doesn’t always mean the best. Being the best is about Innovation, dedication, investment and a true passion for denim – all of which are qualities we pride ourselves upon.

We like to think of ourselves as leaders in the Pakistan market rather than followers. The reason for this being that investing in the best technology and human resources is one of our fundamental beliefs. With a vision to serve the buyers better, we move forward with an experienced team of people and a strong orientation to latest technical know-how.

Artistic Fabric Mills continuously strive to be the best by investing in superior R&D.

We use only the finest quality dyes and liquid indigo. Our weaving department is equipped with the latest Projectile and Rapier looms. We have modern finishing and mercerizing set ups, with an added bonus of Stenter technology, through which we create premium finishes and coatings.

AFM also has foreign fabric/yarn designers and technologists on board, who have a plethora of experience in this field. They have a good pulse on the future denim market trends and accordingly develop a collection with new colors and warps every season. In addition to this, we have an office in Los Angeles, California to keep up with the latest Denim Trends originating from the West Coast (the home of Premium Denim Jeans in the US). On the European side, our organization has a showroom in Stockholm, Sweden with a denim guru there to develop a broader and more versatile range of fashion concepts.

There is a famous quote: “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you keep standing there”. Therefore, we are always trying to innovate and improve ourselves. Our team has set high production quality standards and works hard to sustain them.

All in all it’s our integral values that make us different. We have a loyal and sincere approach to our product and the customer. With us its about multiplying value, we believe in giving more value to our customers in return for their business.
What are your other denim fabric styles, which are your best sellers ?

artistic fabric mills We at Artistic Fabrics and Garments have a great relationship with Invista and our vintage stretch collection using their LYCRA® fiber always gets a great response from buyers.

As far as our recent best sellers are concerned- For Womens The new Super stretch with soft hand feel and Jeggings have been quite popular recently.

For Men’s Rigid, 100% cotton based subtle cross hatch constructions, heavier weights with Left Hand Twills and softer feels is one of our best selling category. Most popular are the black bottoming, pure indigo and green indigo shades. The coated and over dyed denim range is always a top favorite for designers.

Coated denim seems to be getting popular. Do you also feel so ?

Definitely. We have been very innovative in exploring different coating technologies and chemicals.

Coating is the next big thing because of the high and lows one can achieve and the multiple washes that are possible. It adds a whole new dimension to the normal denim fabric and what wash experts can do with it. We see the trend growing with raw coated finishes and vintage looks.

Artistic Fabric Mills will be launching the New collection of our coated fabrics at the Hong Kong edition of the Kingpins show in November.

You also have a large garment division. Is denim the main product there?

artistic garment industries Actually, Denim is the only product at Artistic Garment Industries. 100 % of the garments are stitched using Denim fabrics. Primarily, we manufacture denim jeans and cater to all types of bottoms: Straight leg, boot cut, skinny etc. Apart from jeans, we also produce denim jackets.

The output capacity is about 1,000,000 garments per month, which covers many different age groups from Toddlers to Adults. The production at AGI has been enhanced by our state of the art laundry facility, which was established in early 2007. This modern plant is equipped with the latest Italian washing machines and can be compared with any of the world’s top laundries.

Which are your main markets? Would you like to share names of some of your main buyers with us?

Roughly half of our exports go to the US market. The other half goes to the European market. Many of the Middle to Upper Tier Fashion Brands are our main buyers.

What new trends do you observe emerging in the denim jeans silhouettes?

Men’s silhouettes have remained fairly constant over the past couple of seasons. We’re used to seeing the usual straight leg or boot cut styles. Comfort Stretch seems to be getting more popular for men.

On the other hand, the women’s collection has been tailored by major changes in fashion trends. While the boyfriend and skinny fits remain popular, leggings/jeggings are taking the markets by storm. We think the tapered/skinny boy friend along with skinny cargoes will be big soon. However, the women’s market changes more quickly so in the near future, the market will want something new.

Pakistan denim industry is getting bigger. Can you tell us something about its size, growth etc ?

It is getting bigger indeed. This means more competition for us. However, we enjoy the challenge.

Presently there are about 15-20 denim mills in Pakistan, and about 35-40 companies involved in denim fabric or denim garment production.

The Monthly Production is about 30 million meters of finished Denim Fabric.

Direct Employment of 18,000 People in industry. A major part is employment on contractual basis.

The Textile sector contributes to a 60% share in the exports of the country.

Presently in Pakistan, Denim Production is on top in Textile Sector due to Export & Garments Industry. Export of denim has shown a 27% increase per annum in the Dollar value since 2005.

Denim is now one of the key apparel sectors and the driving force behind the apparel exports of the country. Total apparel exports from Pakistan were approx US$ 1.23 Billion in 2008-09. This sector still has potential for further growth.

(Statistics taken from the Pakistan Textile Journal).

How does Pakistan compete with countries like Bangladesh and China for denim exports?

As compared to Bangladesh, we have an advantage of having an abundance of cotton and greater experience in this field. Bangladesh is catching up fast and with their advantage of cheaper labor we often compete fiercely with them on price. Pakistan has an edge due to the availability of the Basic Raw Material though and having the Yarn locally produced. The AGI/ AFM nexus has the added benefit of a Strong Spinning Mill being part of our vertical set up. Pakistan has also benefited from a more favorable exchange rate for export in recent times.

China has historically been a strong competitor but lately we feel we have come to par with them as the number of local trained Professionals and Technicians for the Denim field increases in Pakistan. We strive to continuously improve and enhance ourselves to rise above the competition from this region.
The recent floods in Pakistan have caused a lot of devastation. Do you think the floods will affect the denim industry or the textile industry as a whole ?

The recent floods really have been quite catastrophic. However, fortunately for the Textile Industry the flood waters did not affect any of the major urban cities. The main impact has been through the damaged cotton crop. There is some speculation that around 2-3 million bales might have been affected.

Luckily in some areas that have not been hit by the floods, the rain has actually benefited cotton and this year Pakistan was expecting a bumper crop as some farmers had opted for cotton instead of rice and sugarcane so despite the damage, the total crop might equal last years amount. Furthermore, Pakistan will gain from the fact that next-door neighbor India has lifted the restriction on Cotton Exports and therefore, will import a fairly large quantity from across the border. So overall the rates should be at par with New York Cotton Exchange. We feel the Pakistani Textile Industry is quite resilient and will not be so severely impacted by the floods.

How is Pakistan denim industry dealing with the environmental issues like waste water disposal etc ?

WWTP One of AFM/AGI’s main goals aside from quality service and on time delivery to its customers is to be environmentally friendly and adhere to social compliances. Therefore over 4000 employees at AGI are enjoying all the social benefits, as we are compliant approved by all our customers. In the past we have been approved by ISO and we established a state of the art Waste Water treatment Plant (WWTP) in 2007 with the help of an Italian company ,

What is your forecast for the demand growth in the next 2 years ?

We predict that the next 2 years are going to be challenging but rewarding at the same time. Denim is a lifestyle and that culture will never cease so we hope it will grow bigger and better.

There is usually a lot of movement in denim and currently we see a definite shift towards the Pakistani market. With our new mill coming up we are definitely looking forward to the near future as we constantly endeavor to upgrade ourselves with revolutionary ideas and adapt to the fast changes in trend.

Few secrets and facts of DENIM you still dont know!

I wont put any new post content today!

Ever since i started blogging about denim, i still had few facts missing about jeans. I learnt few more facts and secret about the amazing JEANS. Sharing these facts would make me happy as a denim lover with you guys and i hope it adds to your denim knowledge and get to know your jeans better -

  1. May 20th of every year is considered to be the official “birthday” of blue jeans as it was the day that Levi Strauss, Levi’s jeans inventor and the owner of the idea of riveted jeans pants Jacob Davis received patent of the rivets no.139,121 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  2. 215 jeans can be made with only one bale of cotton.

  3. The majority of jeans’ zippers have the word ‘YKK’ written on them. YKK technically stands for ‘Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha’ which is Japanese language, meaning “Yoshida Company Limited.” It’s a company formed in 1934 by a Japanese zipper manufacturer, Tadao Yoshida.

  4. There are some store selling jeans online that allow you to create your own favorite style of jeans and you can choose pockets, leg style, color, fit and so on.

  5. When purchasing a clothing garment like jeans, more than half of the money goes to the people who sell it, only 12% goes to the manufacturers.

  6. Most of the mills that make a ‘heavy’ fabric, denim, are commonly located near to cotton crops as the fabric uses large quantities of cotton.

  7. Nearly all jeans are stitched together in hundreds of thousands of low-wage ‘sweatshops’ and private homes around the world. The statistic came from the number of poor countries where jeans are rarely worn but large quantities of denim are imported.

  8. Every American owns, on average, 7 pairs of wearable jeans

  9. Jeans were called “waist overalls” or just “overalls” before 1960 and Levi Strauss changed it to its popular name of “jeans.”

  10. The common dye found in blue jeans is called phthalocyanine and is a light activated agent with cell destroying properties.

Denim expresses its best !

“Fashion is the best form of self-expression. We always like to design pieces that together form the coolest wardrobe, but is ultimately wearable. It becomes one way of thinking as individual pieces, but together creates a strong, modern and considered statement.” explains Jonny Johansson, Acne’s Creative Director.

This statement seems truly unadulterated as i noticed these new Acne denim shoes, creatively thought of and expertly finished with a acid/distressed look. Its perfect for that in-style latest fashion statement u wanna make with that cool jeans pair of your and your favorite white designer shirt.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo