Few secrets and facts of DENIM you still dont know!

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Ever since i started blogging about denim, i still had few facts missing about jeans. I learnt few more facts and secret about the amazing JEANS. Sharing these facts would make me happy as a denim lover with you guys and i hope it adds to your denim knowledge and get to know your jeans better -

  1. May 20th of every year is considered to be the official “birthday” of blue jeans as it was the day that Levi Strauss, Levi’s jeans inventor and the owner of the idea of riveted jeans pants Jacob Davis received patent of the rivets no.139,121 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  2. 215 jeans can be made with only one bale of cotton.

  3. The majority of jeans’ zippers have the word ‘YKK’ written on them. YKK technically stands for ‘Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha’ which is Japanese language, meaning “Yoshida Company Limited.” It’s a company formed in 1934 by a Japanese zipper manufacturer, Tadao Yoshida.

  4. There are some store selling jeans online that allow you to create your own favorite style of jeans and you can choose pockets, leg style, color, fit and so on.

  5. When purchasing a clothing garment like jeans, more than half of the money goes to the people who sell it, only 12% goes to the manufacturers.

  6. Most of the mills that make a ‘heavy’ fabric, denim, are commonly located near to cotton crops as the fabric uses large quantities of cotton.

  7. Nearly all jeans are stitched together in hundreds of thousands of low-wage ‘sweatshops’ and private homes around the world. The statistic came from the number of poor countries where jeans are rarely worn but large quantities of denim are imported.

  8. Every American owns, on average, 7 pairs of wearable jeans

  9. Jeans were called “waist overalls” or just “overalls” before 1960 and Levi Strauss changed it to its popular name of “jeans.”

  10. The common dye found in blue jeans is called phthalocyanine and is a light activated agent with cell destroying properties.

Denim expresses its best !

“Fashion is the best form of self-expression. We always like to design pieces that together form the coolest wardrobe, but is ultimately wearable. It becomes one way of thinking as individual pieces, but together creates a strong, modern and considered statement.” explains Jonny Johansson, Acne’s Creative Director.

This statement seems truly unadulterated as i noticed these new Acne denim shoes, creatively thought of and expertly finished with a acid/distressed look. Its perfect for that in-style latest fashion statement u wanna make with that cool jeans pair of your and your favorite white designer shirt.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

HIGH WAIST - Make a cool look!

High waist jeans!

The low (and we mean low) waist trend that's been lingering for the past few seasons seems to be on its way out. In its place is a return to comfort, as high waisted jeans muscle their way back into the spotlight. Complete with designer touches and detailing, they also come with a new special added feature - "butt-lifting". It's time to celebrate that booty, and let your jeans show it off (we can thank Jennifer Lopez for this). Darker, indigo blues are the shades for the season, and stretch is also making a long-awaited comeback. Jeans that are stylish and comfortable--what a novel idea!
Ever wondering how to get that sexy look with high waist jeans? well hot celebrities, leading KATIE HOLMES , SCARLETT aka ever hot JOHNSON never misses to make th perfect sexy denim look. Follow her as to how you could look just too good in those high indigo fabrics.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

GABRIELLA MASSEY - Future denim designer award.

                                                 Gabriella Massey's work


Yesterday evening, Wednesday 2 June 2010, Adriano Goldschmied, founder of AG and president of the jury, announced the winner of the first Future Denim Designers Award: Gabriella Massey.
The presentation took place in Paris at Denim by Première Vision, to an audience of denim connoisseurs made up of the show’s exhibitors, visitors and press.
Following an initial selection which was carried out in January among the final-year students of London’s Central Saint Martins College menswear degree course, there were 6 competitors: Yunjoo Cho, Gabriella Massey, Philip Patterson, Nicolas Smith, Adam Thomson, Dominic Tsai, each of whom was invited earlier in the day to defend his or her creations in front of the jury which comprised international personalities from the blue planet.
  • Adriano Goldschmied
  • Alberto Candiani, general manager of TRC Candiani
  • Fatih Konukoglu, CEO for denim of Sanko Textiles-ISKO™ and member of the Board of Directors of Sanko Group
  • Giovanni Petrin, general manager of the whole Martelli Group
  • Neil Bell, sourcing director, Levi’s
  • Pascaline Wilhelm, fashion director, Première Vision
  • Trevor Harrison, sourcing director, Pepe Jeans
Gabriella Massey's two piece winning outfitcomprised a black shirt and ultra-bleached jeans. The initial simplicity of the ensemble belies the sophisticated "exploded" detailing Massey worked to achieve.
The prize, symbolized by a diploma and a trophy, includes an internship at Radrags, an Italian company offering services to the whole jeanswear chain founded by Umberto Brocchetto, the Italian denim expert who assisted the laureates’ first steps in the denim universe and oversaw the production of their outfits.
Created by Denim by Première Vision, the Future Denim Designers Award - which focuses on creativity, innovation and a knowledge of the denim industry - is aimed at giving emerging designers comprehensive insight into the world of jeanswear.

Denim baby carriages!

 I was wondering who would do it !

Baby carriages BUGABOO in collab with GLOBAL FUND RED, made denim baby carriages for      carrying youngsters of HOLLYWOOD.