HIGH WAIST - Make a cool look!

High waist jeans!

The low (and we mean low) waist trend that's been lingering for the past few seasons seems to be on its way out. In its place is a return to comfort, as high waisted jeans muscle their way back into the spotlight. Complete with designer touches and detailing, they also come with a new special added feature - "butt-lifting". It's time to celebrate that booty, and let your jeans show it off (we can thank Jennifer Lopez for this). Darker, indigo blues are the shades for the season, and stretch is also making a long-awaited comeback. Jeans that are stylish and comfortable--what a novel idea!
Ever wondering how to get that sexy look with high waist jeans? well hot celebrities, leading KATIE HOLMES , SCARLETT aka ever hot JOHNSON never misses to make th perfect sexy denim look. Follow her as to how you could look just too good in those high indigo fabrics.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

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