D E N I M A T I O N: Moon Dust Denim>^Synthetic Color Spray done...

Sharing a post from my friend's blog  , D E N I M A T I O N: Moon Dust Denim> ^Synthetic Color Spray done...: Moon Dust Denim> ^ Synthetic Color Spray done on used coated Black Denims. This process requires 5 main things- ...

BORN WILD - The Himalayan Escape

A visit to my homeland this time was a story in its own way, i had the Meltinpot Black Skinny Denim (

MISFITS D1626 UM011) along with me !

I have been missing.......... my mighty Himalayan peaks, the bright warm sun under the clear blue sky..................and the purest of air  ;-)
Rest is a story to tell in pictorial dialogue .........  follow me and my jeans into the mighty Himalayan abode 

Me and my jeans , explored, wandered in the wild....................................

..................  life is full of surprises and adventures,  discover world and experience with the new range of super cool denims from MELTINPOT ( Autumn Winter 13 ) collection , each denim takes you into an adventure of its own ..........

Exclusively for MELTINPOT  - By Denimoholic  

KEY TREND for Autumn Winter 14/15 Denim : AUTUMN WINTER 14/15


1> I feel a vital KEY TREND for Autumn winter 14 denim trend will be strongly driven by printed denims:  different prints/ techniques, wild textures, reverse color concept and playful contrasts.
Check out some of these looks for a preview of this concept : 




2> 9  to 11 oz bi-stretch denims are seasonal best-sellers for both the women's and men's fashion markets.

3> Color effects are in evidence. Brown pigment coatings alter the color of some indigo fabrics, while grey, black and brown colored wefts are used on clean-look, flat finish fabrics.

4> 8-10 oz fabrics in mid blue tones, bringing the added drape aspects requested this season. Paper hand finishes give a crisp, harder touch.Diesel recently developed a new jean made from a combination of denim fabric and paper. The Cotton Paper Denim jean is made of a natural, lightweight, resistant denim that’s breathable and strong. The characteristics are achieved by using a warp of 100% organic cotton and a weft made of Japanese paper.    ( source : http://blog.stylesight.com )

5> A commercial group of 12 and 14 oz weights, in compact tight constructions to withstand more aggressive washes and vintage treatments.



Dear designers, Readers , followers & denim lovers          .........  here at   ''Denimoholic'' we have started our comprehensive and detailed creative research work for the new season  AUTUMN/WINTER 2014/15 . Here is a sneak preview of the same, keep yourselves updated with more information and materials here. Keep checking our DENIM FORECAST section for much more concepts, ideas & design directions.

Cheers !

Denim Trend gets heated up to new levels with experimental play of color contrast and new surface patterns, in terms of texture, prints and coatings.

KEY PRODUCT RANGE :  Key colors and Silhouettes


     Deep Indigo - Tapered Slim Fit                       

Burnt Orange - Washed out , Slim Fit


Nature green & Rusted Indigo  : A fresh color  Breaking away from Indigos, also a strong key highlight for Autumn Winter 14/15 would be , reverse color twill, and contrast turn ups. 


A new fit 'making its presence felt again would be the 'JODHPUR FIT'  or the neo-skater fit denims with trendy & fresh contrast turn ups. 


                     ***********NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS.....*****

Yet Another cool & edgy looking collection from the ice cool denim makers MELTIN'POT JEANS.

"The collection is very classy & premium. The color & washes are more on the darker side with lot of grey tones, black & brown tones overpowering the blue jeans look. So winter seems already going towards the cool dark denims & premium coated jeans"  -  Denimoholic

Grab one of these now                 ; ) 

The new Meltin'Pot jeans campaign/look book for the Fall Winter '13 season ahead is a pure celebration of the double-edged side of life. Taking the left instead of the right and seeing life from a different perspective is something we fully embrace. Meltin'Pot make denim for real people who share the brand's passion and who live life to the fullest- Where life takes you!
Meltin'Pot, season upon season, present fine examples of pure tailored modernism of distinction. This season sees the re-launch of the iconic - B-Side jean - an historical model for the brand, first launched back in 1994 when the brand was created, as denim aficionados will well remember. B-Side for both men and women and made from a single piece of fabric and is totally reversible. One jean and 2 totally different looks and the collection also boasts a series of reversible tops too.  B-Side is another example of the brand's ability to successfully combine expertise with contemporary innovation.

 The models used represent real life fans of Meltin'Pot and bring alive the energy of the brand and its perspective on life. The new collection will be in store from September in fine denim stores Internationally.

The campaign and look book were shot in Florence by Italian photographers Flavio and Frank, in an off the wall, bohemian location and play with this asymmetric style, featuring shots positioned at a irregular angles.


                                            ""MAKE JEANS , NOT WAR""  

Nudie Jeans Autumn/Winter 2013 Men’s

Nudie Jeans Post


Primark Autumn/Winter 2013 Men’s Lookbook

PRIMARK 's autumn winter collection is a very clean, clinical look. A teenage boys charm meets the sophisticated adult fashion. A new and fresh assortment for the coming winter for sure   ;-)

Autumn Winter 13 - New Fresh Previews

Lee Australia Autumn/Winter 2013 Advertising Campaign........

DTA Jeans Autumn/Winter 2013 , Preview ............

Wrangler Australia Autumn/Winter 2013  Campaign...........