Turn your used/damaged denim into a cool mended look !

So you always wanted those cool new patched/mended denims which are a rare collectible piece. Starts $ 380, approx INR 16,500.

Don't worry about your pocket money, Just turn one of your old jeans into these cool/rare looking denim.

Just pick up any one of your old/used jeans...........usually they always have one or two holes at the knee due to excess wear/tear.........just patch these holes with another piece of denim fabric( not the same denim fabric) so the color contrast could be achieved. 

The ready stitched patch should look something like this below .....

 The stitching has to be done carefully from inside so you don't see any thread outside, it gives extra strength and life to the patch and lasts long............

oK if like a nit more artistic and work done upon/customized look, you can go ahead and make it look more authentic and rare by stitching all round the mended holes with a thread color of your choice 

( usually i prefer black, it gives it a more simple and natural look).

now either you could just rub it with a really hot iron for awhile or a mild sand paper ( this will make it look a bit brown/burnt aged look ...which looks more natural and professional).  

After all these process just wash your newly crafted denim in th washing machine adding two caps of bleach , just to give it a more uniform and fresh color/wash. Hang dry !!


Meltin'POT ss 2011

The new Spring 2011 collection is as i already discussed is a way more, uniform, chilled out and balanced.......then any of their earlier collection. This shows that they have really come a long way and now have created their space in the denim market and denim fans, they are much more confident and complete.

The denims which are the main line and bread and butter for meltin'pot is always the highlight for every season. Every time they try and create new look, new techniques and a lot more cool/street element to it. 

This Spring the washes are the highlights..... Presented in a very fresh  way, as a spring collection should be , the washes are very light, washed off, sky blue and cloudy........also if i'm right they have combined, traditional washing techniques with the new laser wash technique which gives those streaks like " it looks like thunder in clouds/sky" i call this wash the "THUNDER BOLT".........i have like 2 pairs of denim with this kind of wash........also, as per style. 

The way the pocket,pattern and the cuts are pretty new and innovative............the pockets are more low cut/wide.............and i recently realised that its much more comfortable and easy then the regular denim pockets, which tends to be a bit tight when you try putting your hands. But of course for each his own style, and brand..............

They also have few cool denim shorts as well as cottons to offer, so this season lookin for some cool denims ??? Head to the nearest Meltin'POT outlet and    LET YOURSELF MEEELLLTT   ;-D

Wrangler® Launches ‘Next Blue’ Design Competition

Wrangler® Launches ‘Next Blue’ Design Competition
Denim leader calls on consumers to design the next line of blue jeans

GREENSBORO, N.C. (March 15, 2011) – Throughout its long history, Wrangler® has placed tremendous value on the insights and ideas of its consumers. Now through April 26, the iconic denim brand will hand the design process over to consumers with the launch of Next Blue by Wrangler, a limited edition collection of blue jeans launching this fall. Through a unique online competition, consumers will both design and choose the first style in the Next Blue jean collection.

With no experience being necessary, participating in the Next Blue design contest only requires a vision. From design school students and fashion fiends to stay-at-home moms and weekend warriors, jean wearers from coast to coast are encouraged to submit ideas. Entering the competition is simple: contestants must create a short yet compelling video explaining a unique jean idea and upload it to www.NextBlue.com.

“The first jean ever made by Wrangler was designed by cowboys for cowboys back in 1947 when a rodeo tailor joined the brand and worked with actual rodeo stars to develop a product. That pair of jeans was literally designed by the very men who would eventually be wearing them,” said Craig Errington, vice president of marketing for Wrangler. “For more than 60 years we have been paying close attention to the needs and insights of our consumers; so the concept of Next Blue by Wrangler is both progressive yet uniquely tied to our brand’s legacy.” 

To be eligible, video entries must be received by March 29, 2011. Submissions will then be narrowed down through a series of consumer-led voting rounds online. During the video entry period, visitors to www.NextBlue.com will vote to choose ideas they like best.

Based on originality and total number of votes received, Wrangler executives will then select five finalists to travel to Wrangler headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., to work alongside Wrangler designers, merchandisers and marketing teams to bring their ideas to life. Following this design period, beginning April 19, the five finalists will be showcased on www.NextBlue.com where fans will have one week to vote for the final winning design, announced on April 26.

Chosen to collaborate with one of the most recognized apparel brands in the world, the ultimate Next Blue winner will receive $5,000 and have their jean design produced, marketed and sold by Wrangler this fall.

For more information and to view the official rules, please visit www.NextBlue.com.

C.83 to attend PROJECT , New York - july 17,18,19 2011.

"Much awaited c.83 a premium niche street-wear brand based in Canada starts its sale in India, you can go and grab these amazing pieces at  ATTIC -the fashion store , Santacruz , Mumbai ...    

c.83 is  proud to be the first brand from India. They think this would be a big step/breakthrough for contemporary/street fashion in India.

Leading french fashion magazine "FASHION DAILY" covers C.83 during BREAD & BUTTER Show , Berlin July 2010 - Article by Adele Bouet ( associate writer Fashion daily).

MAGIC MARKETPLACE T 310.857.7500 F 310.857.7510 E cs@magiconline.com Attendee Registration & Information 877.554.4834 / 218.740.7092 (24 hours a day) Exhibitor Information: 310.857.7500 Media Inquiries: 310.857.7500