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ROBERT GRAHAM JEANS "  is the latest amazing discovery for me   :-)

Robert Graham launched in 2001
Robert Stock is the founder, co-chairman and chief creative officer of Robert Graham
The Robert Graham aesthetic is American Eclectic
Robert Graham is an American company with headquarters located in New York City

Looking, feeling and receiving  the product just makes you feel that great warm, determined people are behind the design, production and development of this new amazing Denim Collection. I always remember how their Shirts, Jackets would like, i was in fact pretty curious to have a look at their first pair of jeans, the moment i got the mail from Sonia   ;-)

Well to my expectations, it was just beautiful, just as expected, a lot of minute, fine details has been put in a pair of jeans.

A lot of hand on craftsmenship. Those crisp, unique embroidery details, the use of bright trims and the stitch quality are few things you would notice in a pair of Robert Graham Jeans.

Apart from these it has a unique selvedge detail of contrast stitch, which just enhances the look of the jeans as you fold it up.

Also a great feature i found was the, antique finish, old font "Robert Graham" branding coated with transparent acrylic on the front button.

The Rivets/studs engraved "Robert Graham" also gives you a sense of an old masterfully made jeans. All in all every detail in the Jeans pair compliments to combine and form a " artsitic and beautiful jeans"

"I would define ROBERT GRAHAM JEANS " as    " An artistic and beautiful Jeans"     ;-) 

 You guys should go ahead and appreciate the beautifully crafted jeans by Robert Graham. Well i am for sure, and i will put up a new post about these same pair later sometime when i would have lived in it for quite some time   ;-)

    " Lets get 'Beautiful "  

    The 'CALIXTA' long sleeve denim shirt by Meltinpot  is one of the best to pick up for the season.

    Weather is getting awesome and its time to wear your favorite denim shirt and start the weekend   
     feeling cool, comfortable and beautiful.

    A  light wash gives it a nice vintage look and i love pairing it up with favorite tank tops for a
    easy,   breezy   weekend mood.

    "This is how i wear it"                              

Model:  Nirajana Adhya, Artist, Thinker &  Designer.

Life is amazing indeed ‐ I say it again ;‐D

" I just had this thought of buying a new pair of jeans for myself, my old ‘faithful ever classic 501 was telling me to stop wearing him all the time " Ha ha ha ......
Well its hard to find a cool pair of Jeans " i mean something like what i wanted" it’s almost impossible to get in India, believe me i tried every single brand, store, prices .. .......u name it DIESEL, ENERGIE, JACK & JONES etc  but i could never find a pair to replace my vintage 501.

22nd July. 2011 16:25 pm i get a call from the courier guys that i have a parcel from 73046 Matino (LE) ITALIA , i was super excited. As i had been waiting for this parcel to arrive. Waited long enough but, guess what it was all worth it. I hold her hand (i mean my other half ;‐) and rushed to check the parcel, there it was right in front of me!

Well most would think why was i so excited, its like a normal parcel, a denim you ordered and you received huh !

 " Who gets so lucky to get his/her choice of favourite brand/favourite style/custom fit worth Euro 185 for free, couriered to you from ITALIA ‐to ‐ INDIA with love ".

Well this case was different :
This was the perfect pair jeans i had in mind for myself, which i could find nowhere, it looked like my LEVI'S® 501's lost brother. Guess I’ll be living in and out of it for at least a month every day, every hour . . . 
. . .......
 Why don't you guys have a look at this amazing pair. Visit www.meltinpot.com to get this style !

Hey Guys :  Its been some time now i have reviewed my favorite Denim Brand. But yes we are around the best weather and all festive time around, time is just right to review my favourite pair of Denim This Season from  MELTINPOT'S  brand new autumn winter collection KLSH 2012
The Denim which i picked up as the best from the collection is MP001 D1540-UK111 
Check out this beautiful pair of Jeans as i unfold its amazing details in a series of images . .  

There lies on top my recently made artwork, one of the best Denim style for the coming winter by MELTINPOT, Italy.
First things first :  Coolest aspect of this pair is its a NEP DENIM

Nep denim contains entangled fibres and has those little white dots in them. It helps create a irregualr and roughness to it.

 A lot of people think its a fault and devalues the quality of fabric but, we "Denimoholics"  Loveeeeee  this aspect , as we love raw denims, are we weird in thinking.  ( Reminds me of Naked & Famous - color nep denim )  also super cool. 

Well i always try to compliment the Denim with some "Artistic " touch as i feel denim itself is so expressive, so i have included this piece of art i did and used as the background. Both complimented each other so well 
i ended up splattering some acrylic paint on the jeans   ;-)  well am wearing them now almost everyday and YESS  it looks KILLAH !

I just love MP'S washes, among a lot denim brands i guess they do the best of Laundry jobs on denim. It just shows when you look and feel it. The best aspect of a really good wash is -  "It should look as natural as possible" combined with new innovative techniques and precision, which i always found in MP's jeans.

DIESEL is Diesel but,  MP is making their mark...

With so many Jeans brand floating in the market today, i'm very much impressed by MP's uniqueness and quality. A pair of jeans is like a ARTWORK  ( for me )  i'm sure you guys agree as well.  Beauty lies in details.

Crafted in the finest way , i love the way branding flows in an MP Jeans. Using the best materials , trims , labels and Buttons all matters when it comes to denim.

The depth and consistency in the wash is technical thing to master as well,  i took some really close ups of the areas where the faded, creased effects are given. Its just a treat to the eye.

Below this small detail of pocket being " made look creased and faded " is a thing you might not notice and ignore, but from my experience in denim making the right way of doing this is very hard to achieve, this is just done beautifully and looks just Natural.

You can style this pair up, with your favorite crisp white shirt for a SHARP, CLEAN look.

I love wearing it with my  Favorite T SHIRT with HENDRIX print and walk out . . . 
You guys can check out the style online on their webstore to grab it now !

MP001 D1540-UK111 
€ 129.00
MP001 is a 5-pocket with a regular fit, straight leg and comfortable down tight. Made of authentic Japanese denim 100% cotton embellished with guscette. Special manual treatments give the garment a very experienced, the effect used & dirty is achieved by a sovrattintura plant. Real leather details.Dedicated to lovers and lovers of denim. - Regular fit - Regular waist - Straight leg regular and narrow bottom - fixture - 100% Cotton 

A visit to my homeland this time was a story in its own way, i had a Meltinpot Black Skinny Denim 
I have been missing.......... my mighty Himalayan peaks, the bright warm sun under the clear blue sky..................and the purest of air  ;-)
Rest is a story to tell in pictorial dialogue .........  follow me and my jeans into the mighty Himalayan abode 

Me and my jeans , explored, wandered in the wild....................................

..................  life is full of surprises and adventures,  discover world and experience with the new range of super cool denims from MELTINPOT ( Autumn Winter 13 ) collection , each denim takes you into an adventure of its own ..........

Exclusively for MELTINPOT  - By Denimoholic  

COMBATANT GENTLEMEN established in 2012 :  It comes across a new cool clothing Label focusing on Menswear Essentials and i have been lucky enough to receive a pair of cool Selvage  Jeans to be Reviewed and  shot. I was very excited to receive the parcel and see the product, i was impressed by the packaging as well. Very neat and premium feel. As for the Denim it was classic, a good pair of genuine raw selvage Jeans you can own and add to your wardrobe.

Well this is the first Part 1 of this Story  :

"So my good friend Roger Prince ' comes from Canada and disappears with these cool pair of jeans". 

I totally loved the selvage detail, which of course gives a more original and a genuine product appeal to it.
The Branding at the back was impressive, generally a Loud Branding or a big leather patch ( studs) are a big no-no for me. The branding is very cool, minimal and simple to carry.
Yes so my friend Roger took it as a second skin, he was just so comfortable in it the minute he wore these, and it fitted him just the way he wants his denims to be. So off he starts his daily work chores in his new pair of Jeans.


Roger Prince is back in Canada, so we decided to document this pair of Jeans exactly 4 month later to see how much worn out it gets and read its story. 

So  keep a check here for the next part of this Story !


Visit COMBATGENTLEMEN and discover them, check out these cool pair of Jeans. 

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