7 for all mankind -Luxury denim in India

By now everyone would be aware of the fact that "7 For All Mankind (7FAM)", the iconic luxury denim brand referred to as Seven Jeans by fashionstas and stylists, and a favourite among the Hollywood elite  is available in India and retailing through its only store in India at 'SELECTCITY WALK' MALL, Saket New Delhi.

Why i'm talking about this now, i happened to spot the store yesterday and could not resist myself from entering. I had always wanted one pair of '7FAM' for myself and would always regret its not availble in india and now it was there right in front of my eyes. the store is very small, hardly visible if not carefully observed. Very happy and enthusiastically i entered the store, just feeling the finishes and the washes of the denims was heavenly, but it was very momentary. In a minute inside the store i slowly realised that the denims were just as normal as othe brand denims, very simple styles and washes.

The only kick you get out of '7FAM' is the luxury 'feel expensive' factor since the pricing is on the higher side, simple printed T-shirts starts from Rs 3500 above and Rs 10,000 above for the denims. But 'what the heck' all you guys who were always waiting to own a pair, go ahead and experience the 'luxury denim' factor.

' .Enjoy shoppin .  ..


Anonymous said...

I think 7 jeans are highly overrated & uninteresting, there's no design effort put in to them what-so-ever

childrens clothing said...

A good pair of denim jeans is an essential part of everyone's wardrobe these days and caring for them properly isn't as simple as just throwing them in the laundry

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