ZARA Fever - New Delhi

Few shots from the ZARA range ref pic:, newly opened ZARA  store in SELECTCITYWALK, SAKET South Delhi is already a hit with the Fashionable Delhites.

 Im not a big ZARA fan but honestly it was a real good experience shopping from ZARA. The Spanish label have nailed the Indian consumers with their pricing "wallet friendly" seasonal collections with up-2-date trends.
I could visibly see the happiness and joy of shopping on the customer's face, each one walking away with atleast 5-6 items smiling and satisfied with they got.
I was specially impressed by their denim range.With the boyfreind jeans trend they had amazing offers in terms of washes, tonal, washouts, sand blasted, distressed denims. a whole lot of denim short jackets with laces, light denim dresses and overalls, u name it and its all there. Gr8 collection , trendy and edgy styles, amazing washes and light on your pockets ;-) .

Well guys for the first time got a real good deal in shopping, the guys denim line was pretty impressive too, with few cool washes and all regular,vintage finish. I could not resist and picked one for myself a nice skinny acid wash pair.
Real sharp and edgy styles in trousers and jackets, rugged,vintage look leather jackets and to top it up the best way were the shoes. Amazing cool casual shoes, i would advice to just go and pick up a pair of your taste!

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