N ew denim brand - Blue jeans

I know a lot of new so called denim brands are coming up but, well this one kinda attracted me, especially their history and the way they have been working and doing research for the last 12 years b4 they came with the brand " Stone Blue Jeans!

The makers of Stone Blue have spent the last 12 years perfecting and developing innovative denim wash methods and have now created their own line featuring a range of perfectly executed, updated classics, as well as their trademark innovative, ultra-premium, vintage-inspired washes with natural three dimensional whiskering.

Each piece in the Stone Blue 2010 Edition 01 collection starts with thoughtful proportions designed to lengthen and slim the silhouette. Stone Blue then cross-fits the jeans on dozens of different bodies, making infinitesimal adjustments until everything is perfect. It’s a painstaking process that has won “best fit” awards from major magazines and garnered plaudits on national television.

Additionally, Stone Blue’s organic pocket design is driven by an awareness of the finished jean as a unified whole. The distinctive lines and folds on the pockets naturally adopt the unique character of each wash, highlighting and enhancing the integrity of the overall design.


Urban Styles said...

Denim jeans are one style of pants that just works. These are the pants that can withstand repeated washings and daily wear, and somehow, they just keep looking better.

Roderick Parker said...

Great job on this blog. I think that your perspective is deep, it’s just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. Great stuff here.Urban Styles