How to destroy your jeans - and - make it look awesome !

Well wednesday 4:00 pm in the studio. We are almost wrapping up our Spring summer 2011 articles and gearing up for Bread & Butter, Berlin.
Almost time to wrap up things and shut the studio down, i found this old denim sample lying with us from our last collection. Then what ' MONSTEROUS' denimart attack got me!
Well i thoroughly enjoyed destroying it and i would put all this activity here so that if you guys would ever be interested in destroying , distressing your denim, it serves some purpose. Im giving away some key tricks and measures you should keep in mind while undertaking the DESTRUCTION hahahahaha; . . . . .
 now 'destruction' means you want to shred up the knees, the bottom edges of the hem, and up towards the pockets. You can do this by taking a piece of sandpaper and sanding down the pants roughly. This will shred the denim a bit and wear away the dye.
                         Tools,materials you might need  acrylic,sandpaper,pins,white pencil,brush

OK now u need to carefully pin the denim at areas where a crease would form naturally like the pocket area, upper front thigh, ankle back bottom, make folds as per your requirements.

aLRIGHT now mark the areas for rubbing the sand paper specifically where wear would occur naturally. That means you want to shred up the knees, the bottom edges of the hem, and up towards the pockets.

Next few steps are me trying to master the art of distressing, carefully use a good sandpaper and start rubbing areas marked to create the used,wornout look.Add holes to the jeans, again, where wear would occur naturally. This might mean adding a hole to one knee.

Fray the holes so that they look natural. You can fray these by again using sandpaper or, for a gentle fraying, a rough nail file.

"we always move sideways not up/down remember"
Splatter a few different colors of paint on your jeans. This should look like you were painting your house and you accidentally splattered some on you . . . .. .
  And this is where a normal distress look would stop so, you can rinse, soak and wash your denim for the distress and wornout look you wanted.

Now im going a step ahead with my madness and about to create a "PIECE OF ART" lol . . . .so enjoy the experience with me here .. .
Mix the acrylic with half spoon water and mix it well with a brush. And get ready to roll and paint your denim white'  . . . .

i went ahead and exploted the width and roughness of the brush to give some 'painted ,worked on look to the left leg part''               . .. .'''''''''''''''

Phew"""""""""""""  VOilla "piece of art"

well i hope you guys enjoyed this article, keep checking this space. I would be updating this style after the wash.


Anonymous said...

I'm a denimholic too! I've been meaning to get a post up about how to distress denim but I never got to it. You know what, since I loved your post, I'm gonna go write my own. Cheers-

Check me out if you have time ;P

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