Become a "denimoholic" - CONTEST!

Submission open from 11 oct- 31 oct 2010.

We are looking for you. yes you're right "YOU" if you have the passion and the love for JEANS this is your kinda stuff. 
Denimoholic is my dearest (along with the rest of the business) and it’s horrible when there just isn’t enough hours in a day to contribute to the blog at the wanted pace. But have no fear, it’s just mid-autumn rush (I think). Nonetheless, this brings me back to something I candidly mentioned in the past, we would love to welcome more bloggers/writers whom love to write and wish to share cool findings, denim projects or lifestyle news with the world.
Please note that we are only looking for bloggers whose interest is to express themselves via the blog or perhaps even promote a project your working on. As long as it fits the bill, we’re listening. We are not in search for writers intending to capitilize on the blog posts. Money has a certain way of complicating things. Our plan is to share news and cool stuff from around the world .So if this sounds like something you would like to be part of, drop us a line. If you have been following the blog, you know that we’re about much more than just denim. Denim just happens to be close to our hearts.
So we’re looking forward to hear from you. Please send your articles,thoughts and queries at and tell us more about yourself. If you have been writing stuff already, do send it over. Denim is beautiful and we’re doing our best to describe this beauty via our blog. So be a part of the journey,send us your articles,concepts,projects anything u think we should know about. We will shortlist 15 people and notify them via mail.

we are waiting****


H4-67 - Summer of love

HA-67 is a contemporary line with a true vintage spirit. After much success in Europe and Japan, HA-67 is now opening its doors to the USA. Michael Mechaly, the former brand president for Sacred Blue and Coil denim, is the proud founder and designer of HA-67. His goal is to give HA-67 a unique concept, creativity and lifestyle. HA-67 was inspired by the infamous “Summer of Love” movement that took place in San Fransciso Haight Ashbury district in 1967. HA-67 is a unique mix of the old new fashion spirit. The details, colors, and washes will remind you of the spirit of the vintage period, while the fit keeps the fashion mood of today. Each style has it’s own personality and vibe.

 Well we wait and watch right ! So many new denim brands coming up, but its a fierce market out there to survive. I hope this one stays for long. Keep quality up - "good luck H4-67".


EASTON - Denim from Indonesia

New denim brands appear all the time, usually based in the US, sometimes Europe and occasionally Australia but it's not often that I receive a mail from a new company established in Asia. Easton is a new company proudly and ethically producing denim in Indonesia. They have three types of denim - selvedge, coated and dry which are offered in three styles for men (straight, slim and skinny) and one for women (skinny). The jeans can be purchased online from their own store and retail for 600,000 Indonesian rupiah, which although it sounds a lot is actually only $65.