How to destroy your jeans - and - make it look awesome !

Well wednesday 4:00 pm in the studio. We are almost wrapping up our Spring summer 2011 articles and gearing up for Bread & Butter, Berlin.
Almost time to wrap up things and shut the studio down, i found this old denim sample lying with us from our last collection. Then what ' MONSTEROUS' denimart attack got me!
Well i thoroughly enjoyed destroying it and i would put all this activity here so that if you guys would ever be interested in destroying , distressing your denim, it serves some purpose. Im giving away some key tricks and measures you should keep in mind while undertaking the DESTRUCTION hahahahaha; . . . . .
 now 'destruction' means you want to shred up the knees, the bottom edges of the hem, and up towards the pockets. You can do this by taking a piece of sandpaper and sanding down the pants roughly. This will shred the denim a bit and wear away the dye.
                         Tools,materials you might need  acrylic,sandpaper,pins,white pencil,brush

OK now u need to carefully pin the denim at areas where a crease would form naturally like the pocket area, upper front thigh, ankle back bottom, make folds as per your requirements.

aLRIGHT now mark the areas for rubbing the sand paper specifically where wear would occur naturally. That means you want to shred up the knees, the bottom edges of the hem, and up towards the pockets.

Next few steps are me trying to master the art of distressing, carefully use a good sandpaper and start rubbing areas marked to create the used,wornout look.Add holes to the jeans, again, where wear would occur naturally. This might mean adding a hole to one knee.

Fray the holes so that they look natural. You can fray these by again using sandpaper or, for a gentle fraying, a rough nail file.

"we always move sideways not up/down remember"
Splatter a few different colors of paint on your jeans. This should look like you were painting your house and you accidentally splattered some on you . . . .. .
  And this is where a normal distress look would stop so, you can rinse, soak and wash your denim for the distress and wornout look you wanted.

Now im going a step ahead with my madness and about to create a "PIECE OF ART" lol . . . .so enjoy the experience with me here .. .
Mix the acrylic with half spoon water and mix it well with a brush. And get ready to roll and paint your denim white'  . . . .

i went ahead and exploted the width and roughness of the brush to give some 'painted ,worked on look to the left leg part''               . .. .'''''''''''''''

Phew"""""""""""""  VOilla "piece of art"

well i hope you guys enjoyed this article, keep checking this space. I would be updating this style after the wash.

Cheap monday - Customised Tour


 I wish i was a part here, in the celebration and work:

Awesome event for 'cheap monday' Lovers:
3 countries, 8 cities and 13 stores... 
 The swedish brand Cheap Monday’s design team has customized a unique set of limited and numbered jeans for sweden, denmark and germany. Customized tour continued – this time bigger than ever, with a new theme and in collaboration with Weekday.
The tour stroke down on april 22 in 13 stores simultaneously with customized jeans and parties. The morning after the rare pieces were sold at the regular low Cheap Monday price in all Weekday stores.

Key Denim trend guide - Detail is the key

                                 Dark wash, skinny and worn long look.
Denim fashionistas are all sticklers for detail, and the jeans worn on the streets this season says it all.Three main trends are emerging in men's denim: skinny cut, embellishment and distressed wash. The skinny cut can be seen all over the city, usually in a dark wash and worn long enough to bunch around the ankles.
                               artfully and soulfully done hard distressed wash

 Embellishment takes many forms, from embroidery to PRINTS and elaborate stitching. Evisu jeans are famous for their seagull mark across the back, which constantly morphs into new colors and sizes. This year, pocket-sized squiggles are the most popular'7 FOR ALL MANKIND' styles, combined with colored tabs and studs.
                                                 streaked with artfully applied paint and grime

                                               squiggles ' 7 for all mankind'
                                           Contrast detail statements, DIY,customised style
Dark wash has been popular for several seasons, but it is now being challenged by faded, distressed denim which can be seen everywhere on the streets.From United Arrows, Eyefunny jeans are streaked with artfully applied paint and grime for a truly lived-in look right from the start,the look with frayed edges and fading through the legs are in.

In other cities jeans are seen as the main fashion part, to get the best quality and fit they are willing to pay more for the perfect pair.

Japanese Denim - Cult Fashion

Back to my favourite topic 'JAPANESE DENIM'. Im a big fan of japanese denim, since long i've been thinking of getting my first selvedge denim and the time has come by.I have ordered one from the latest collection of '45RPM' original selvedge jeans and would be arriving in no time.

Talking of Japan their culture is famous for its attention to detail, and jeans are no exception. Japanese denim has a cult following in Europe and America because of its amazing look and feel. It’s different because it uses traditional production techniques that have long been abandoned elsewhere. Though far more labor-intensive -- and expensive --  the jeans produced this way have a feel and appearance that is second to none.

Evisu was one of the first Japanese denim labels to become famous outside of Japan in the early ‘90s. The brand’s founder, Hidehiko Yamane, was a self-confessed “jeans otaku” and bought vintage Levi’s looms to produce his artisanal denim. Other brands use similar production methods to achieve a cloth that is stiffer, denser and yet far more comfortable than the mass-produced denim used overseas.
One of the most distinctive characteristics of classic Japanese jeans is their “selvage edge,” meaning that the fabric edges have a woven finish rather than being cut and overlocked like ordinary jeans. The selvage can be seen on the outer leg seam when cuffs are rolled up -- a detail that will be noticed by denim connoisseurs and is a sign of the fabric’s superior quality. Another factor in this quality is the dye used for Japanese denim: natural rather than synthetic indigo, with yarn dipped up to 30 times to produce an incredibly deep and rich color that weathers with time.
The reputation of Japanese denim has traveled quickly, and several overseas brands have adopted it for their collections. Cult Swedish brand Nudie uses Japanese denim for all its lines, and Diesel uses it for some of its premium jeans in response to demand for heavy, dense denim from shoppers. Paul Smith’s Red Ear label uses Japanese denim and also styling details and stitching inspired by Japanese streetwear.

5 Japanese denim brands you must know about:

Evisu denim is famous for its heavy and stiff feel, and this pair is no exception. This is a classic narrow cut and a dark indigo denim that will mellow with age.
45rpm Sorahiko Jeans
These 45rpm Sorahiko jeans are woven on an antique loom, which makes the fabric much denser than regular denim, with a unique waffle texture. The jeans are not preshrunk, which helps them fit to the wearer’s body to produce an incredibly comfortable fit.
Studio d'Artisan
Founded in 1979, Studio d’Artisan prides itself on producing denim using the most traditional methods to achieve a unique texture and color. This style is a very simple, slim-leg style in beautiful, quality denim.
Eyefunny is a limited-edition range produced by wjk. Although some may balk at paying this much for jeans that look more vandalized than vintage, the heavily distressed look is popular with younger buyers.
Edwin is sometimes described as the “Levi’s of Japan” -- reasonably priced denim worn with mass market appeal. This season, the Edwin 503 RV Special has been a top seller, with its crinkle fading around the hips and inner legs and frayed pockets meeting the current demand for jeans with a worn-in look.

ZARA Fever - New Delhi

Few shots from the ZARA range ref pic:, newly opened ZARA  store in SELECTCITYWALK, SAKET South Delhi is already a hit with the Fashionable Delhites.

 Im not a big ZARA fan but honestly it was a real good experience shopping from ZARA. The Spanish label have nailed the Indian consumers with their pricing "wallet friendly" seasonal collections with up-2-date trends.
I could visibly see the happiness and joy of shopping on the customer's face, each one walking away with atleast 5-6 items smiling and satisfied with they got.
I was specially impressed by their denim range.With the boyfreind jeans trend they had amazing offers in terms of washes, tonal, washouts, sand blasted, distressed denims. a whole lot of denim short jackets with laces, light denim dresses and overalls, u name it and its all there. Gr8 collection , trendy and edgy styles, amazing washes and light on your pockets ;-) .

Well guys for the first time got a real good deal in shopping, the guys denim line was pretty impressive too, with few cool washes and all regular,vintage finish. I could not resist and picked one for myself a nice skinny acid wash pair.
Real sharp and edgy styles in trousers and jackets, rugged,vintage look leather jackets and to top it up the best way were the shoes. Amazing cool casual shoes, i would advice to just go and pick up a pair of your taste!

7 for all mankind -Luxury denim in India

By now everyone would be aware of the fact that "7 For All Mankind (7FAM)", the iconic luxury denim brand referred to as Seven Jeans by fashionstas and stylists, and a favourite among the Hollywood elite  is available in India and retailing through its only store in India at 'SELECTCITY WALK' MALL, Saket New Delhi.

Why i'm talking about this now, i happened to spot the store yesterday and could not resist myself from entering. I had always wanted one pair of '7FAM' for myself and would always regret its not availble in india and now it was there right in front of my eyes. the store is very small, hardly visible if not carefully observed. Very happy and enthusiastically i entered the store, just feeling the finishes and the washes of the denims was heavenly, but it was very momentary. In a minute inside the store i slowly realised that the denims were just as normal as othe brand denims, very simple styles and washes.

The only kick you get out of '7FAM' is the luxury 'feel expensive' factor since the pricing is on the higher side, simple printed T-shirts starts from Rs 3500 above and Rs 10,000 above for the denims. But 'what the heck' all you guys who were always waiting to own a pair, go ahead and experience the 'luxury denim' factor.

' .Enjoy shoppin .  ..

My Denim stories

I was just going through my old pair of denims and saw how old and used it looks now . Each lines and distress area has developed so well and gives the real character to the denims.

some of these holes below reminds me of sliding i did back home in the himalayas , on the rugged himalayan mountains! I got slightly bruised i remember, but it was totally worth it ; . . . ..
This is my favourite, the paint splatter happened accidently while i was working with acrylic in college days, i loved the look!

New Denim brand!

C83:Priviledged as the first Indian brand to be selected to showcase at BREAD & BUTTER, BERLIN 2010, its ready to make a statement and start a revolution in the indian retail market with its minimalist, simplicity and international competitiveness in quality and design aesthetics.C83 will showcase their SPRING SUMMER 2011 and the denim range at Berlin 7-9 july 2010.
c.83 is a niche contemporary/street brand based in delhi, india. the brand name “c.83” comes from the address of the first, very small design studio and tailoring unit where c.83 came to life. the “c.83” name was chosen because they wanted everyone who is part of the c.83 project to feel like it represents them and is not about any single person. “83 DENIM DIVISION” naturally evolved/devolved/rebelled from c.83 as the sub-brand for their jeanswear.

83 DENIM is represented by its young and edgy designs and superior tailoring; all with a hint of urban/street culture and attitude. with every small detail scrutinized.Styles and fits are inspired by modern music, urban art, skate and the global street fashion.The new SS 11 range offers some really new artistic and unique washes. Check out the full SS 11 collection at


DIESEL in india has totally threatened the local indian jeans brand and other rival denim brands. I just cant stop thinking about Renso's business mind, i'm just imagining each indian person owning a pair, DIESEL will do business worth unimaginable amount.I'm already hunting a new new DIESEL pair, despite the fact that i bought one 2 months back.
ENERGIE new .the denim washes are very discharged, light bleached. Its kinda washout and fresh look.

NUDIE JEANS: The denim side offers new developments made exclusively for Nudie Jeans Co. For example a reversed denim with most of the indigo on the inside and a fabric with white coating. They will both give interesting inverted effects when worn in.
INTERVIEW: hudsonjeans -Ben Traverniti.
What inspired you to become a denim designer? What keeps you wanting to design?
Denim has always been in my genes…my father is a denim designer, so I’ve been immersed in it since I was a child. I originally worked in couture, but denim was always something I knew I wanted to do. Working in couture has really influenced my design and has brought about a sort of meeting of the two worlds for me. When I design a jean, the couture sensibility is always in the back of my mind.

MAVI JEANS: CUT & PASTE: Twitter contest: follow @thedenimguyguy & @mavijeanssocial to win a pair of MAVI JEANS .

HUDSON JEANS: unparalleled fit and craftsmanship, the iconic union jack logo and signature triangle flap back pocket, Hudson Jeans has become a leading innovator in the premium denim market. Hudson delivers a product of uncompromising quality, value, and integrity in the tradition of fine British couture craftsmanship. Created from the best premium denim from the finest mills in Europe and Japan, all Hudson products are hand finished and tailored to be truly one-of-a-kind pieces.


Stumbled on to this denim line and I LOVE IT. Had to share with you all… and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ABOUT Monfumo is a tiny village located on Asolo Hills, in Veneto, Italy. ONVIS jeans and its life stories were born there.
LEVI'S : The next phase of the Levi's Go Forth ad campaign titled Ready To Work will launch this July featuring regular working people rather than the usual collection of hipster models. Levi's have taken a trip down to Braddock, Pennsylvania (a town once famous for its steel mills but now working to rebuild itself after years of decline) and shot a series of ad featuring locals in Levi's Work Wear. The thinking is that these folks are a new 21st Century kind of pioneer, adapting to difficult economic conditions and working hard to rebuild their community.