Turn your used/damaged denim into a cool mended look !

So you always wanted those cool new patched/mended denims which are a rare collectible piece. Starts $ 380, approx INR 16,500.

Don't worry about your pocket money, Just turn one of your old jeans into these cool/rare looking denim.

Just pick up any one of your old/used jeans...........usually they always have one or two holes at the knee due to excess wear/tear.........just patch these holes with another piece of denim fabric( not the same denim fabric) so the color contrast could be achieved. 

The ready stitched patch should look something like this below .....

 The stitching has to be done carefully from inside so you don't see any thread outside, it gives extra strength and life to the patch and lasts long............

oK if like a nit more artistic and work done upon/customized look, you can go ahead and make it look more authentic and rare by stitching all round the mended holes with a thread color of your choice 

( usually i prefer black, it gives it a more simple and natural look).

now either you could just rub it with a really hot iron for awhile or a mild sand paper ( this will make it look a bit brown/burnt aged look ...which looks more natural and professional).  

After all these process just wash your newly crafted denim in th washing machine adding two caps of bleach , just to give it a more uniform and fresh color/wash. Hang dry !!



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hey Wotever ;-) nice name
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Cool name Wotever!

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