PHAAAAAAAAAAAAT GAYEEEEEEE,  dats wat she said when she ( my friend Vinita  ;-D      )
 mentioned about her denim and showed it to me. she has no clue how it happened. lol . Well i was up 3-4 drinks already when she showed the torn part of her denim. Now while writing the post i'm pondering as to, what kind of abrasion would have caused it.I'm assuming, either got rubbed through a thorny bush or got rubbed against a surface with pointed sharp edges.

We all know what it is like to have a favorite pair of treasured jeans that are so comfortable and fit so perfectly that we want to wear them every day. 

 The downside to this pure and beautiful jean-love is that too much wear leads to jeans wearing out – with telltale holes especially around the knees – and then before you know it, you have to either start patching, or search around far and wide to find another pair of jeans as great as your favourite jeans. But now, thanks to “modern fashion” there is a better solution! 

EVERYTHING has become “”cool”” and “”trendy”” all the threadbare patches, broken zippers, and holes in your favorite pair of jeans, patches, or any other torn parts, unless its not at the wrong place    ;-D

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