Denim -" Paper to web Project " Forecast AUTUMN-WINTER 2011-12

"Denimoholic says the coming winter look will be a mix and match of Cheap Monday grunge look and the NY, LA street look of PRPS".

 At my desk, working on the coming winter season looks and trends......................

Well while  working with denim for so long, i could have a sense of my work and the design/concept development process. An improvement is evident as far as authenticity and realisation is concerned.

    "A lot of brands have influenced me for a long time and continue to do so, i would have to mention the 3 most evident brand which always keeps me up on my toes".

Cheap Monday with their ever so cool grunge look ( i love the way Örjan Andersson has made the process of denim making a GRAFITTI, i personally feel, they have made it so cool and easy, its like spraying a can and a denim is made ;-D.

 G STAR the brand i have almost grown up with during my school/college. I took an instant liking with G STAR. They specializes in making RAW denim - an unwashed, untreated denim in which all jeans start out as after being constructed. G-Star is influenced by European fashion trends as well as by military clothing.The best aprt about G STAR denims are its multi utility role which makes it really popular among young student crowd, the Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel bought from around the world. Some examples include special mobile-phonepockets and zippered arm pockets on jackets.

A fine piece below, one of my favorite style in recent times.Al most ended up like the style i was working on  ;-D

PRPS  the New York based Luxury brand, first of all i love their connection with Japan, PRPS pieces are supposedly made in Japan with the finest Japanese denims. Founded by former Nike designer  Donwan Harrell the speaks, innovation, uber and perfection. With the kind of wash and designs each pair is worth the DOLLARS spent !

PRPS Spring summer 2010 Look 


Steve Milner said...

really cool job mate!

I suggest you make some more colored jeans ;-)

J Dakes said...

gr8 post!

its really true what you mentioned

"A good pair of jeans you can go with anywhere ".

Denimoholic said...

@ steve ,

Thanks a lot, definitely am thoinking of some colored denim this coming winter, more in terms of distressed color, you know what i mean ;-D


Denimoholic said...

@Jake, ya absolutely !

I would'nt trust my friend, than i would trust my JEANS HAHAHAhaha


" Make jeans not War "

rothcomilitaryclothing said...

dynamic denims are here.. these will look great..