COMBATANT GENTLEMEN established in 2012 :  It comes across a new cool clothing Label focusing on Menswear Essentials and i have been lucky enough to receive a pair of cool Selvage  Jeans to be Reviewed and  shot. I was very excited to receive the parcel and see the product, i was impressed by the packaging as well. Very neat and premium feel. As for the Denim it was classic, a good pair of genuine raw selvage Jeans you can own and add to your wardrobe.

Well this is the first Part 1 of this Story  :

"So my good friend Roger Prince ' comes from Canada and disappears with these cool pair of jeans". 

I totally loved the selvage detail, which of course gives a more original and a genuine product appeal to it.
The Branding at the back was impressive, generally a Loud Branding or a big leather patch ( studs) are a big no-no for me. The branding is very cool, minimal and simple to carry.
Yes so my friend Roger took it as a second skin, he was just so comfortable in it the minute he wore these, and it fitted him just the way he wants his denims to be. So off he starts his daily work chores in his new pair of Jeans.


Roger Prince is back in Canada, so we decided to document this pair of Jeans exactly 4 month later to see how much worn out it gets and read its story. 

So  keep a check here for the next part of this Story !


Visit COMBATGENTLEMEN and discover them, check out these cool pair of Jeans. 

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