MIZU - The "30 Day' Super aged Denim !

Vintage is knockin bad this year, aged/used look is BANG this year, more and more people are indulged and more involved with their Jeans, they are interacting and understanding their needs in a pair of Jeans !

FALL 2011 collection at c.83 studio.

MIZU we are calling this range!
'Mizu' means water in Japanese, special jeans with intelligence and power. No chemicals are involved, no human labor involved in creating this masterpiece. You are the craftsmen and you are the artsist.

Mizu limited edition range for Fall 2011 is a special environmental friendly range from c83  which just uses normal water for its wash and laundry job.

We all want to own that perfect pair of denim, the kind of wash you want, something more personal and customized .A good pair of denim is one with which you are attached freakin' fashionably and emotionally, denim is almost your outer skin. Well but this is impossible without knowing some properties of real indigo, how it behaves and gets affected with wear and usage. 
We need to interact with the denim and get closer to know it little more. Some of them will be out for pre- fall 2011 and some will still be hot(limited edition). A a few absolutely new results will shatter your glamorous world as very soon you will see the 'Denim' responding to you in an amazingly playful way.

30 day Test - Story

I'm sure the result will just give you the complete satisfaction of owning a denim. A denim which tells your story in these 30 days,that moment you fell from the bicycle ;-) , the Saturday you spent painting whole evening, the day you cleaned the whole house in nothing but the denim.

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