Life of MIZU : a journey

Freshly baked 'MIZU' day one . The feel and look of a freshly stitched jeans is heavenly (it is for me , as i almost give my whole day to denim ) as a proessional. well a lot of you who really feel for denim would agree without a thought ;-). well anyway so humble journey starts for this newly born baby, i named it MIZU which means 'water' in japanese. I have always been a big fan of Japanese denim, and yes this was my chance of paying them a tribute and developing something on that par. This special 'baby' would only be treated with natural wear nad tear and plain water during its journey and wash processes, hence the name.

Day two, finishing the denim neatly, after bar tacking and all other trim details, its ready to face the world, the ruthless world where it has a lot to got through, so much that he hardly have ever thought of ;-D As for starter i tell'ya its all your cold wash in the plain water drum where it starts its journey into the world.. .. . . .. faces the forces of nature and humans for a week ( 7 total freaking days) . ;-D

Freshly dried ( washed and rinsed in plain water )

Well every jeans has its day!

The day came when it was to be put against test of time, the legendary jeans journey, from its fresh/raw state to the bruised and worked up victorious look.

The first day look

so fresh and blue, Japan calling ;-)

First day in the sun was pretty good. all went well, it was looking fabulous, no less then a sparkling AUDI on debut ;-). well for me that's a joy to watch. Its like my baby, and when i saw the baby standing on its feet, i almost cried inside ( emotion towards denim ).

aha baby seems to have been REAL BAD, look at all those faded lines and bruises.Hallelujah , it stood to the expectations. I had the exact same picture in mind of how it would look after a week's test ( have been wearing everyday,everywhere for the last 7 days ).

The first fade,the first hole is always special ;-D

The first hole, the sign of 'Making of a classic jeans".... WHICH CANNOT BE REPRODUCED nor recreated by whatsoever means, that why a pair of denim is so special and emotional ............... ...... . .

the first signs of bruises and wearing, its ultimate satisfaction and emotional to a denim coming out of its raw state and moulding on to your body and life with so much of deep details and attachment .. .. . ..

I would stop here , and let you guys enjoy the feel and emotion. Just love the process till here, and its not yet over. The journey is long and it has to go through a lot more adventures until it moulds into a beautiful,artistic piece of denim. come back and read more in my next post how a denim can almost mesmerise you and takes your one and only SOUL in itself and surprises you . .... to be continued

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