Make your own vintage denim

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A lot of people requested me put up this post once again, since they had difficulty tracing it  ;-D

To all you denim lovers and denim crazy animals , get busy and get ready to rip off your dull, lifeless denim into a cool vintage piece !

Start with your fresh clean pair of denim , preferably raw , deep indigo

Wear it vigorously for 7 days stretch  ;-D ) This is how we do it here, denim is to be felt, grow with and experience with .... NOW HERE YOU CAN CLEARLY COMPARE THE FRESH DENIM AND , AFTER 7 DAYS....This is how a denim takes an "ORIGINAL Vintage" look and get customized to your life.  Cheers !

hey some cool shots of the denim, enjoy ....   .....

                   I HAD A DENIM CANVAS, AND THIS IS MY ARTWORK  ;-D    .. .. .. . . 

Well TIME for some shower, washing the denim for the first time is really important. 
  1. .Do not use  detergent or solvent. Get hold of a fresh bucket of water and dip it in, let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Rinse it thoroughly in the water, this would take out your shrinkage from the fabric, so it does not shrink later.
  3. While doing this you might rub the front and back pocket part of the denim with a laundry brush mildly,so the faded part becomes merged and natural.
  4. OK now wash off any indigo by dipping it again in the water and hang dry in natural sunlight. DO NOT WRING IT ! Just take it out and hang dry, let it fall naturally.

The washed look
so fresh and blue, Japan calling ;-)

REAL BAD, look at all those faded lines and bruises.Hallelujah , it stood to the expectations. I had the exact same picture in mind .  YOU LIKE IT ?

The first fade,the first hole is always good. Hey i forgot to tell you guys, there are few more technical tricks to achieve that real authentic million$$ VINTAGE LOOK.  After you wear the denim for like say 12-14 days, just notice the places where its faded and check for tears or holes if any, if you get one you get lucky! well use a sandpaper and rub a little more on those parts to make it more aged and used. Sandpaper would be perfect because it just takes of the outer indigo away and uniformly damages the fabric.

'Making of a classic jeans".... WHICH CANNOT BE REPRODUCED nor recreated by whatsoever means, that is why a pair of denim is so special and emotional for me.

A denim can almost mesmerise you and takes your one and only SOUL in itself and surprises you . ....
Final step is more advanced and technical, now the denim has to go through a wash called "RIVER WASH" which is a process in which the denim is washed with fresh water along with plain pumice stone. You keep the denim in the machine unless it takes the look of a distress and highly used denim. After this process and other finishing steps, THIS IS HOW IT WOULD LOOK....your authentic VINTAGE DENIM worth $$$.....your original, which can never be reproduced ...

Hope you people like DENIM and the post         ;-)   

Long live denim  CHEERS!

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