LIFE IS AMAZING: Me, my Meltin'pot and the Yak

Life is amazing indeed ‐ I say it again ;‐D

" I just had this thought of buying a new pair of jeans for myself, my old ‘faithful ever classic 501 was telling me to stop wearing him all the time " Ha ha ha ......
Well its hard to find a cool pair of Jeans " i mean something like what i wanted" it’s almost impossible to get in India, believe me i tried every single brand, store, prices .. .......u name it DIESEL, ENERGIE, JACK & JONES etc  but i could never find a pair to replace my vintage 501.

22nd July. 2011 16:25 pm i get a call from the courier guys that i have a parcel from 73046 Matino (LE) ITALIA , i was super excited. As i had been waiting for this parcel to arrive. Waited long enough but, guess what it was all worth it. I hold her hand (i mean my other half ;‐) and rushed to check the parcel, there it was right in front of me!

Well most would think why was i so excited, its like a normal parcel, a denim you ordered and you received huh !

 " Who gets so lucky to get his/her choice of favourite brand/favourite style/custom fit worth Euro 185 for free, couriered to you from ITALIA ‐to ‐ INDIA with love ".

Well this case was different :
This was the perfect pair jeans i had in mind for myself, which i could find nowhere, it looked like my LEVI'S® 501's lost brother. Guess I’ll be living in and out of it for at least a month every day, every hour . . . 
. . .......
 Why don't you guys have a look at this amazing pair. Visit to get this style !


Patricia Krejnova said...

great shoot , Meltin'pot is always cool stuff !

Denimoholic said...

Yep , great wash, awesome fit ! I like this particular , carrot fit. Fits perfectly and comfortable.

Long live, MP ;-)

Denimoholic said...

Hey MELTIN POT , once again i would admit, these are the coolest pair of jeans i ever had till now ;-)

its DOPE !