Fresh style from Designer labels : An exclusive Jeans shirt: a studded cloud wash denim shirt from the label KOSLAK .

Grab this amazing shirt from KOSLAK at just  £ 120 at

This collection combines Snambu, a woolen fabric woven locally in Ladakh in the Himalayas with various weights of Cotton twills and Denim, creating a rare and highly desirable feel and aesthetic but keeping their practicality. This is not just a collection, it is a concept, a way of life, a slow revolution in process inspired by the rich trans Himalayan culture. “The collection will overall offer a refined conceptual collection where culture meets modern edgy fashion with a reflection of meaningful prayer messages and hidden symbolic elements making it a very contemporary yet soulful assortment where each attire has a humble virtue to exude. Look at the seams. Touch the buttons. Read the jackets. Yes, read a thousand prayers whispered."

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