ROBERT GRAHAM JEANS - " An artistic and beautiful Jeans"

ROBERT GRAHAM JEANS "  is the latest amazing discovery for me   :-)

Robert Graham launched in 2001
Robert Stock is the founder, co-chairman and chief creative officer of Robert Graham
The Robert Graham aesthetic is American Eclectic
Robert Graham is an American company with headquarters located in New York City

Looking, feeling and receiving  the product just makes you feel that great warm, determined people are behind the design, production and development of this new amazing Denim Collection. I always remember how their Shirts, Jackets would like, i was in fact pretty curious to have a look at their first pair of jeans, the moment i got the mail from Sonia   ;-)

Well to my expectations, it was just beautiful, just as expected, a lot of minute, fine details has been put in a pair of jeans.

A lot of hand on craftsmenship. Those crisp, unique embroidery details, the use of bright trims and the stitch quality are few things you would notice in a pair of Robert Graham Jeans.

Apart from these it has a unique selvedge detail of contrast stitch, which just enhances the look of the jeans as you fold it up.

Also a great feature i found was the, antique finish, old font "Robert Graham" branding coated with transparent acrylic on the front button.

The Rivets/studs engraved "Robert Graham" also gives you a sense of an old masterfully made jeans. All in all every detail in the Jeans pair compliments to combine and form a " artsitic and beautiful jeans"

"I would define ROBERT GRAHAM JEANS " as    " An artistic and beautiful Jeans"     ;-) 

 You guys should go ahead and appreciate the beautifully crafted jeans by Robert Graham. Well i am for sure, and i will put up a new post about these same pair later sometime when i would have lived in it for quite some time   ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think that before everyone rats these jeans, they shoulf find out how and if they fit first. They may look like beautiful jeans, but if they dont fit they are history.

Denimoholic said...

Truly said ;-)

I am wearing these same jeans these days and they are pretty comfortable to get in and live in ;-). Though this style is REGULAR STRAIGHT LEG. i had no complaints till now ........

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