W.A.S.H Experimente'

Visited a denim laundry on the outskirts last week, it was quite far from in a village like place, and they had no idea about denim washes.


Facilities inside.

All they knew was how to bleach and enzyme washes. Did a small workshop with these people and guided them to do few of the simpler washes and few tricks "vintage" "broken" "torn" "whiskers" , result wasn't bad though.

Me showing some handwork skill , DENIM

Pretty impressive for first timers - - - - -

Sample shots of the washes developed --
    vintage "bruised look" little damage and light sand blast.

Light enzyme + pumice stone was "slight wrinkle"

Tinting "grey" + permanent crease, spot sand blast

Vintage "old skool" wash ( wrinkle + stone wash)

Premium "aged vintage" ( laser whiskers + sand blast effect)


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