Dr Denim - The Long-short story

DR.DENIM - The story

Can you really put a start date on a story that began in a dream, a story that has always existed? Because that’s what DR.DENIM is all about. They have nurtured the dream of their own label for generations, since their  grandfather started his own womenswear label in the 1950’s.The first Dr Denim collection saw the light of day in August 2004. I still remember having a glimpse of this beautifully crafted denim, it was an Ad in one of the leading fashion magazine, ever since then i know DR.DENIM and i'm still struggling to own a pair, but i will get 1 day for sure. Since their first collection in 2004 the collection has grown substantially, and Dr Denim are now sold in approximately in 30 countries worldwide. But the label’s roots will continue to remain in Göteborg.


At DR.DENIM jeans are science. The most noble science of all. Where others see fabric and seams, they see beauty and complexity. They see visions, realised through knowledge, passion and dedication in a novel, intellectual, somewhat quirky manner. Dr Denim blends history with fresh ideas, finding new paradigms where denim and directional fashion evolve conjointly. Their intellectual approach to denim in particular and fashion in general has led some to think of them as geeks. But yeah they are those REALLY COOL GEEKS !

A preview of their upcoming Spring/summer 2011 collection ...........


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