Levi's 501 in Ladakh: Kick ass

Hi everyone, its been a while i did not put any new posts. I was on a short break in the Himalayas: Ladakh ( my homeland).

What a retreat, splendid snowcapped mountains, dusty storm and the fresh air. Chilled climate, bright sunny days and the crystal clear water!

Well somehow i got some time to have some fun in my new pair of Levi's 501. It was the ultimate test of mettle for Levi's 501.

As i rolled,glided,rubbed,slided myself in the rugged Himalayan terrain, overwhelming dust and sharp stone filled paths. I managed to hurt myself too, but who cares i had a kick-ass time   ;-D

And yes my Levi's 501 indeed proved itself and once again renewed my faith in Levi's genuineness and timeless quality.

Torn bruised and dirt  ;-)  , i got my result for the day !



awesome....the pics,,the denim..the shoes..& ofcoz ..LADAKH :)

Denimoholic said...

thanks , thanks

..... it was awesome fun time der ! next time i'm thinkin of a big project shoot..... a series

Unknown said...

The denim and the shoes and Ladakh!!