Robin Jeans- "LONG WAY HOME"

Robin's Jean is a luxury denim brand based in Los Angeles, California where all of the jeans are made from start to finish.  The brand is known for their flattering cuts, unique washes, and hand-made details.  With high demand, Robin’s Jean has quickly grown to become a celebrity and fashion insider’s fan base.  The high quality fabrics and classic fits live in the moment and attract those who seek comfort without sacrificing style.  The Robin's Jean customer is unique, adventurous, daring and inspired by big American dreams - all captured in their signature wings logo.


The episodes follow a young, adventurous couple on the American frontier. Without any money or place to call home, the two discover a treasure chest full of Robin's Jeans which they begin to use as trade on their journey through the desert. Soon after, their car breaks down and they find themselves stranded. After waking up in a bed of jeans, the couple is greeted by a young girl who simply instructs them to follow her. The delirious couple obeys the young girl and she takes them to her tribe - a band of outsiders, misfits and voyagers - where the couple finds freedom and acceptance in a surreal world.

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Levi's 501 in Ladakh: Kick ass

Hi everyone, its been a while i did not put any new posts. I was on a short break in the Himalayas: Ladakh ( my homeland).

What a retreat, splendid snowcapped mountains, dusty storm and the fresh air. Chilled climate, bright sunny days and the crystal clear water!

Well somehow i got some time to have some fun in my new pair of Levi's 501. It was the ultimate test of mettle for Levi's 501.

As i rolled,glided,rubbed,slided myself in the rugged Himalayan terrain, overwhelming dust and sharp stone filled paths. I managed to hurt myself too, but who cares i had a kick-ass time   ;-D

And yes my Levi's 501 indeed proved itself and once again renewed my faith in Levi's genuineness and timeless quality.

Torn bruised and dirt  ;-)  , i got my result for the day !

amazing ;-) Levi's 501 : Himalayan bruised Look

No wash can compare this awesome/priceless look.