CoNtinuing from the last post   ;-)

wELL SUPER EXCITEd I WAS AS ALWAYS as i  opened the new MP style for Spring Summer 12 . No need for me to mention the genius of product development at the MP Studio, the washes are just irresistible for the new SS12 Collection.


-Top of the art wash. ( Just the perfect summer wash )
- amazing product details  ( i love the back pocket detail )
- the ZIPPER detail adds to the energetic and young feel 
- the distressed look ( the dry process )  with the layering is just amazing again as was in the Autumn Winter collection.
- Fabric weight is perfectly chosen for a light , easy summer wear.

We did this fun shoot this time around , combining the new Premium Mens Shirt range from KOSLAK's new Himalyan Summer Collection for SS12 (http://www.notjustalabel.com/koslak ) ,www.koslak.com   both were meant to be together !

The Himalayan snow shirt series by KOSLAK perfectly complemented the ever' amazing Jeans by MEltin Pot . 

Love the Campaign, love the new "  washed out " look,  again great styles developed both in M,en as well as Women range. I was pretty impressed by the Quality of wash,the weight of fabric used  (  9 -10  OZ ) which is just perfect for a freebird summer feel. Pumped up !

Also i would suggest you guys check the Shirt range, Really cool vintage feel, in vintage florals , perfect for the summer getaway, keeping you in the spotlight and with the latest trend in fashion.

Visit meltin pot at   www.meltinpot.com  

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