CARTOON DENIM - The big emerging trend this season

Hi Guys  ;-)

Well have been a bit away from my beloved blog for awhile !   I have been ignoring the updates for awhile on DENIMOHOLIC " as i am a bit hectic right now with job and personal 'blah'  blah'  reasons .

Guys after those really cool MELTINPOT denims in the last post, an interesting article i came through.
There is this new CRAZE " well its the new TREND in denim, Its termed as the CARTOON DENIM

Here are some SUPPPPPPPERRR"""""    COOOOL  PICS right from, the TOKYO STREET's  

Some ' reminds" me of a jacket i had when i was 7-8 , it was torn on the elbow  ( i guess it stuck on a barbwire, while one of those field adventures ) so to mend it i bought a MICKEY MOUSE woven badge , which you iron and heat and it kinda gets stuck sealing the destroyed part !

Well memories seems revisiting and this is the new trend wave in denim, coming in a big way this season, a strong Fashion detail in denim.



So, well ........ am gonna hunt for one of my old denim pant or jacket and mend it the "CARTOON WAY" and join this SUPPPERRR COOOL LEAGUE .......  am excited already. I'm sure by the end of this season every one of you will have atleast one "CARTOON DENIM.

CIAO, till the next POST. Keep a check on this blog for the NEXT BIG thing in DENIM, because DENIMOHOLIC gets the best in DENIM out here, for you guys   ;-) .

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