Meet India's Cool New Wave of Sustainable Chic Designers

I was going through my usual denim work & pinterest feeds when i stumbled upon this cool piece of patchwork bomber. 

Perfectly & aesthetically thought and presented. I'm a huge fan of Japanese patchwork craft in denim and this piece just got me. One picture led to the others and i landed upon Stefan Siegel's  NOTJUSTALABEL website where i saw more of their stuff and read some about them.

I come across a lot of susatainable clothing brands every day, everyone is doing a bit of their own to build a holistic approach towards fashion & clothing. This label 'DOODLAGE' caught my attention instantly, they are doing something i could associate myself with. This team of young souls from India have definitely hit the right spot. 

 Its really great to see a new wave of sustainable minded designers to kind of shifting their thought process & method from using and creating organic materials to really think into the life cycle of the fabrics, clothes. In todays world it becomes more important to think about reducing carbon footprints and the life of people involved in producing and making that particular piece of clothing. Its good to see these young minds are aware of creating positivity through their designs & products in every aspect of the process involved. 

 Their products look beautiful, perfect fashion oomph and great ethical and crafty touch to it. I would congratulate them and wish them the best on their journey and definitely would love to see more of their work in near future, absolutely beautiful.

 This is how they define 'DOODLAGE'  :

The label 'doodlage' is a blend of sustainable and exclusive high street fashion. We aim to merge innovative designs with sustainable technique of clothing to make fashion not just chic,but also Eco-friendly.We work at re-designing,re-constructing and re-cycling good quality second hand clothing and industrial waste. We make sure every product has it's own identity--in terms of cut,fabric,color redefining the entire concept of individuality--just like you! This also ensures that, no 2 garments are the same – they can be cut from the same pattern but the raw materials will always be different. We are not here to just make beautiful designs ,we want to create value, we are here to re-invent the ways to re-design,re-construct and recycle!

You can check & buy these cool pieces : ,

Panache- Ahmedabad
Deval,The Multi Designer Store- Ahmedabad
Artisans Cottage- Ahmedabad
Collage- Bangalore
Anonym- Hyderabad
Almari- Hyderabad 
Teatro Dhora- Jaipur
Avoire- Kolkata
Aza; Bandra- Mumbai
Creo - Mumbai
Sobo- Mumbai
Kashish- Mumbai
Anantham - New Delhi 
Either Or- Pune
Studio Rudarksh- Pune 
Sugar- Surat

Shop Indigo, Oxford, UK
62 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX41JB, UK

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