"Its worth ripping your jeans."

"Getting this   ´+ ´ style stitch might take some time to figure out, but once you do 1 , you are good to go, this stitch design is typical of the Japanese traditional patchwork method. "

" I used some denim shirt fabric for the mending, you could use any weight of denim as per your preference. Hold patch from both side so when you stitch it holds the fabric from inside as well as outside."

" Cut desired shape of patch fabric and place underneath the torn part and bind it using a good fabric glue."

 " Rub the fresh patch with sandpaper to merge the textures with the body fabric so it looks more natural."

" When the stitch work & patches are sewn. You can sprinkle some bleach liquid at the edges of patch so to blend the tone of fresh fabric to the old denim body."

" Washed and out of the tumble."

" The results will make you content , such is the beauty of Traditional Japanese patchwork : in a contemporary context. " 

- this activity reminded me of my Grand mom when she use to mend old clothes and rugs in the house back in the days. 

" Before & after comparison."   A new contemporary patched denim is reborn of the old torn jeans.

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