With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Technology,, today, it appears that all these worked towards giving us a lot of help and advantage.... For instance, photo shop, corel draw are highly used across the globe by many designers to help enhance the idea and finally give a visual attraction and bring it to Life.

We here at Denimoholic are exploring and working hard towards bringing that standard of expert-ism to the Industry. So that many explorations can be done viz, washes and looks without actually spoiling or ruining any trial samples. This way we thought the industry would save a lot of fabric from trial and error.

Here's a little treat on how to save a cost.
- create your designs
- scan the fabric
- now using photo shop/ fill in tool u can actually fill up the design with the fabric
- finally u know what the actual composition is to be used inorder to get the actual product as desired.


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