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With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Technology,, today, it appears that all these worked towards giving us a lot of help and advantage.... For instance, photo shop, corel draw are highly used across the globe by many designers to help enhance the idea and finally give a visual attraction and bring it to Life.

We here at Denimoholic are exploring and working hard towards bringing that standard of expert-ism to the Industry. So that many explorations can be done viz, washes and looks without actually spoiling or ruining any trial samples. This way we thought the industry would save a lot of fabric from trial and error.

Here's a little treat on how to save a cost.
- create your designs
- scan the fabric
- now using photo shop/ fill in tool u can actually fill up the design with the fabric
- finally u know what the actual composition is to be used inorder to get the actual product as desired.



It has to always start from a scratch. From creating the Design on a piece of paper keeping in mind all the important features and details. In this case the Fabric, Basic silhouette, the wash, the buttons, stitch lines/ details, pocket linings, and add ons such as the worn out effect and the torns would come naturally once the layout is done.

If you think of using any extra element such as leather detail,, think smart and practical as to how, where and why to apply the same. With the same view always remember the aesthetic part of the product. Because without a look or appeal it'll go and come back straight from the market without a response. We dont want that, do we???

Now from what we called a Basic Denim we thought of giving it a little bit of appeal wihtout having to put in too much of styling detail and hard work. Hence, the answer came quite quick with the idea of giving it a worn out look..... It'll have a real grunge Look from its worn out effect but in a subtle manner based on its basic design apart from the wash.

So here we go, a basic denim with a grunge worn out effect.


I feel good, excited and would like to thank my pal Thinles to have given me the liberty to share and execute my  ideas and know how to the amazing blog. Lets say this is another small extended intro version to the main base huh Thinle??,, Meaning to say we are growing steadily and working hard to fill the hunger for the NEXT EPISODE, we'll try and make sure it's on the high Buzzzz..... Cheers and Peace!!! 
- Joel Ginzamawi (Joe).