It has to always start from a scratch. From creating the Design on a piece of paper keeping in mind all the important features and details. In this case the Fabric, Basic silhouette, the wash, the buttons, stitch lines/ details, pocket linings, and add ons such as the worn out effect and the torns would come naturally once the layout is done.

If you think of using any extra element such as leather detail,, think smart and practical as to how, where and why to apply the same. With the same view always remember the aesthetic part of the product. Because without a look or appeal it'll go and come back straight from the market without a response. We dont want that, do we???

Now from what we called a Basic Denim we thought of giving it a little bit of appeal wihtout having to put in too much of styling detail and hard work. Hence, the answer came quite quick with the idea of giving it a worn out look..... It'll have a real grunge Look from its worn out effect but in a subtle manner based on its basic design apart from the wash.

So here we go, a basic denim with a grunge worn out effect.

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